Peter Andre on taking selfies in The Bridges in Sunderland on Grease the Musical tour

He admits to being neither a teen, nor an angel, but Peter Andre says he’s loving every minute of playing Teen Angel in Grease.

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 4:45 pm
Peter Andre gives an interview at Sunderland Empire Theatre, where he is starring in Grease. Picture: Tom Banks
Peter Andre gives an interview at Sunderland Empire Theatre, where he is starring in Grease. Picture: Tom Banks

Peter is pulling on his wings in the guest role all this week at Sunderland Empire where he’s going down a storm with audiences.

And it’s not just the Empire crowds where he’s causing a stir. He’s been popping into The Bridges to do his shopping and happily posing for selfies.

“It was a bit mad. I’d only popped in for a few bits and people were coming up for photos,” he said. “It was funny because one lady came up to me to tell me how much I look like Peter Andre and I said ‘I do get told that a lot’. She took a picture with me to show her friend how much I look like him and I just played along, it’s more fun that way.”

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Peter Andre as Teen Angel in Grease

Peter, who’s known for his successful TV and music career, with hits such as Mysterious Girl, is playing Teen Angel, a role made famous by Frankie Avalon in the hit film, at selected venues on the tour – and he’s already proved a hit on the Sunderland leg.

“I never expect the reaction so it’s so nice when people are screaming,” he said. “You’ve got to do a good job though, you won’t get that reaction otherwise.”

Speaking about how he got the role, he said: “I did some appearances in Thriller in the West End and loved it so much that I asked my management if we could look at doing some more musical theatre. I actually got offered the role of Danny in Grease four years ago but I couldn’t commit to eight shows a week because of my other work commitments.

“Ideally I needed something I could dip in and out of so when this came up it was perfect. I’m neither a teen, nor an angel, but it’s a brilliant part. I remember not noticing it so much in the film but in this musical the story leads up to it and the song has a real impact. What’s great about this production its that it takes it back to the original musical which is a lot grittier.”

During the 1990s Peter became the sixth highest-selling artist in the UK and has maintained his career by branching into TV shows such as Peter Andre: My Life and 60 Minute Makeover and more recently film.

When asked about how he’s managed to last more than 25 years in show business, he said: “I have a great manager, I’ve been with Claire Powell for 25 years now. Also, I always remember what my dad said to me. He told me to always be polite and nice to people. He said it doesn’t mean you won’t fall, but people won’t kick you when you’re down and they might even lend a helping hand to get you back up.

“And I think it’s important to dream so big that you never quite reach your goal, that way you stay grounded.”

*Grease is running at Sunderland Empire until Saturday, August 3.