North East ‘fearground’ Psycho Path makes a terrifying return with more spooky attractions ahead of Halloween

The North’s biggest scream park has returned with a new addition that is definitely not for the fainthearted – my only piece of advice is to run.

Psycho Path is the North East's biggest scare park
Psycho Path is the North East's biggest scare park

Psycho Path has returned to Lintz Hall Farm in Burnopfield for its fourth year ahead of Halloween as the park opens its doors once again for those who dare to enter.

It seemed a little darker this year, even from the entrance door which was pitch black as you walk in, you’re preparing yourself for a clown to jump out at any moment.

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Thrill-seekers will be pleased to know that the site has expanded with a fifth attraction – Cutthroat Island which sees guests board a 75-foot-long ship alongside a group of gruesome ship mates.

Psycho Path organisers are promising new scares for horror fans this Halloween.

I expected to quiver with fear upon seeing the ship but I was just impressed with the sheer size and structure of the vessel and given the hour and a quarter wait to board the ship, the terror inside me had worn off a little.

Although the long queue was tedious, the pirate ship was definitely worth the wait and I’d go as far to say it was the best attraction of them all.

After leaving the ship you are guided through a trail into a grave yard with the help of some spooky friends, one of which tried to get me into a cage – do not actually get into the cage.

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Those brave enough to set off for the sea should prepare for a long queue in the cold, so a big coat is essential.

The site is surprisingly big and also has a ‘Stage Fright’ where spooky live performances keeps guests entertained in between the scares along with eateries and bars for anyone needing some Dutch courage.

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Old favourites such as iScream, Isolation, Psycho City and outdoor maze Corn-ered are also back spreading more terror.

Similarly to last year Corn-ered only opens when the sun goes down so that you wander around the 2.5 acres of cornfields in complete darkness and Psycho City is still creepy as ever.

Psycho Path is full of jump scares and strange characters at every turn so just watch your back.

Tickets are now on sale for dates up to October 31 at