Heading for Sunderland's Soul Food and Music Festival? - Here's what's on offer and what you can expect to pay

Sunderland’s Soul Food and Music Festival is up and running.

By Kevin Clark
Saturday, 11th June 2022, 11:40 am

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Three days of street food traders, cooking demonstrations and music in Keel Square kicked off yesterday and there’s plenty of offer to satisfy any appetite.

Food stalls, selling everything from churros and pina coladas to posh kebabs and German sausage, are running from 11am today and tomorrow.

The music side of the programme, called Souled Out, is taking place each evening on Plot 12, a new pop-up stage and bar area constructed for the event next to City Hall with performances from acts such as The King Cush Band, Voices of Virtue choir, Groove Train, Vandebilt and Smoove & Turrell.

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    If you’re heading for Keel Square for lunch today or tomorrow, where’s a taste of what’s on offer and what you can expect to pay:

    Loaded Sausage Company

    Freshly smoked kielbesta sausage in a baguette with garlic onions £7.50.

    Freshly smoked kielbesta sausage in a baguette with cheese jalapeneos and garlic onions £8.50.

    Visiting the stalls in Keel Square

    Pork or chicken kielbesta sausages available.

    Crepes and waffles

    Savoury crepes: Mature cheddar and chill jam; Ham and cheese; Chorizo, jalapeno and cheese.

    Sweet crepes: Any toppings including strawberries, banana, cherries, maple syrup, golden syrup, Nutella, Biscoff and salted caramel.

    Some of the produce on offer

    All £5.

    Little Chef Noodles

    Vegetable noodles, egg fried rice £5.

    Black bean chicken; salt and pepper chicken, katsu chicken, Thai green curry chicken/curry chicken; vegetable tofu (all with rice or needles) £7.

    The seating area

    Vegan min spring rolls £3.

    Combo meal £10.

    Indian Street Food


    Onion bhaji; potato samosa; veg pakoras; meat samosa; chicken samosa £2


    Mince and peas, chicken masala £8.

    Potato and spinach £7.


    Fried rice £3.

    Fries £3.

    Peri fries £2.50.

    Posh Street Food

    Tandoori chicken kebab; chicken tikka kebab £9.

    Halloumi kebab; belly pork kebab; lamb kofta kebab £10.

    Steak kebab £12.

    Combo special £13.

    Man v kebab £26.

    King prawn kebab £12.

    Taste of Germany

    Bratwurst; kasekreiner (with Emmental cheese); Frankfurter; bacon roll; beef pattie; meatballs £6.

    Fries £4

    Pimentos Jamaican food

    Jerk chicken; fried chicken; curried chicken; curried mutton; ackee and saltfish; sweet potato curry; chickpea curry £7

    Any of the above served with white rice or rice and peas £9

    Taste of Greece

    Gyros £6

    Spanakopita spinach pie; Tiropita feta cheese pie £4

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