30 more pub quiz questions while the local's shut - and you don't have to be 18 to join in

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There are 30 questions in total. Pit yourself against family and friends. If you win, don’t forget to gloat.

With the current ‘opening’ hours at bars across the region, it’s the nearest you’ll get to a pub quiz.

Answers are at the end. Good luck – and no cheating mind.

1. Who was born Barbara Ann Deeks in London on August 6, 1937?

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30 more quiz questions to keep you amused.30 more quiz questions to keep you amused.
30 more quiz questions to keep you amused.

2. Which title is shared by a Roxy Music album, a brand of butter and a weekly magazine about rural pursuits?

3. What is Barack Obama’s middle name?

4. Who was the Labour MP for Hull East between 1970 and 2010?

5. What did Idlewild Airport change its name to in 1963?

Alf Garnett. See question 8. PA.Alf Garnett. See question 8. PA.
Alf Garnett. See question 8. PA.

6. Whose archenemy is Baron Silas von Greenback?

7. The 2005 novel, Q & A by Vikas Swarup, was turned into which Oscar winning film?

8. Who was the famous son-in-law, of the actor who played the son-in-law, of Alf Garnett?

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9. How long does it take in days and hours for Earth to revolve around the sun?

A great day for Julio Arca and South Shields FC at Wembley. See question 10.A great day for Julio Arca and South Shields FC at Wembley. See question 10.
A great day for Julio Arca and South Shields FC at Wembley. See question 10.

10. After Wembley, which is the second largest sports arena in the UK?

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11. Who was the second US President to be assassinated? Lincoln was the first.

12. Which is the most famous college of the University of Paris?

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The one and only Dolly Parton. See question 28. PA.The one and only Dolly Parton. See question 28. PA.
The one and only Dolly Parton. See question 28. PA.

13. Which 1974 Tom Sharpe novel was turned into a 1987 television series starring David Jason as Skullion?

14. Who wrote a series of novels called The Clifton Chronicles?

15. Who is the patron saint of children?

16. Which wife of a Florentine businessman was immortalised in 1507?

17. Which 1875 opera is about a gypsy girl working in a cigarette factory?

18. Who is the lead singer of The Killers?

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19. When Tom Baker starred in Doctor Who? in the 1970s, what were the Doctor’s favourite sweets?

20. Which member of Little Mix left the band in December 2020?

21. Which broadcaster and presenter of Shoot! on Tyne Tees died in December 2020 aged 94?

22. Which common bird has the Latin family classification turdus?

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23. Which two people are the subjects of the 2001 play The Play Wot I Wrote?

24. Who resigned as the UK’s Defence Secretary in 2017 after touching a journalist on the knee 15 years earlier?

25. John Squire, born 1962, is best known as the guitarist in which Manchester band?

26. Which is Britain’s oldest major bank and the sixth oldest in the world?

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27. Which filmmaker hurled abuse at George W. Bush during a 2003 Oscar acceptance speech?

28. What is the name of Dolly Parton’s Tennessee theme park?

29. Whose body was exhumed and thrown into a pit, with his head displayed on a spike outside Westminster Abbey in 1661, three years after his death?

30. Which singer was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York in 1986?


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1.Barbara Windsor 2.Country Life 3.Hussein 4.John Prescott 5.John F Kennedy Airport 6.Danger Mouse’s 7.Slumdog Millionaire 8.Tony Blair 9.365 days and six hours 10.Twickenham (82,000 capacity) 11.James A Garfield 12.The Sorbonne 13.Porterhouse Blue 14.Jeffrey Archer 15.Saint Nicholas 16.Mona Lisa 17.Carmen 18.Brandon Flowers 19.Jelly Babies 20.Jesy Nelson 21.George Taylor 22.Thrush 23.Morecambe & Wise 24.Michael Fallon 25.The Stone Roses 26.Barclays 27.Michael Moore 28.Dollywood 29.Oliver Cromwell’s 30.Lady Gaga

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