Sunderland chaplain gives an insight into his artistic talent with exhibition

Images created over 25 years will be put on show as a Sunderland priest displays his artwork.

Saturday, 1st June 2019, 5:29 pm
Reverend Chris Howson is exhibiting his artwork for the first time in Sunderland.
Reverend Chris Howson is exhibiting his artwork for the first time in Sunderland.

Reverend Chris Howson, associate priest at Sunderland Minster and University of Sunderland chaplain, will exhibit 20 pieces of his work in Sunderland Minister until Saturday, June 22.

Drawn using pen and ink, he says his colourblindness gives him a different perspective on his subject matters, which include landscapes of Sligo in Ireland, Sunderland and Uruguay, where his wife is originally from.

The Dark Hedges, as drawn by Chris Howson.

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Among them is The Dark Hedges, a tree-lined road in near Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, which appeared in Game of Thrones.

The Gaps In Between will be available to view from 10am to 3pm from Monday to Saturday in the Nave.

Rev Howson, who spent a time living in Ireland and entered the church in 2002, said: "Because I'm see shapes and structures very clearly, so it is a lot easier for me to draw buildings and shapes from architecture.

"The reason it's called the Gaps In Between is I'm known for campaigning and activism, but this is what I do to fill the gaps between activism, I fill them with drawing.

"I always ask people what they do in the gaps they have between their work or activism, what keeps you happy.

"I used to draw when I was a social worker in Bradford and drawing was a real release from all the pressure of social work, I always used to draw to relax and I've carried on.

"I hope people will just enjoy it and there's no political pieces, it's just places and some will recognise some of them, so there's one of Backhouse Park in Sunderland and the Wherry in Whitburn."

There will also be prints available to buy through the exhibition.