Sunderland animator creates comedy series inspired by the Lambton Worm

A Sunderland-born animator has created a children’s comedy series inspired by the Lambton Worm.
Boy & DragonBoy & Dragon
Boy & Dragon

David Hutchinson teamed up with WildBrain to create a hand-drawn 2D series called Boy & Dragon, which has been released on YouTube.

The Sunderland University animation graduate says the story takes place in a notebook world where one brave young knight and his pet dragon go on grand adventures and take on challenges brought on by the Evil Wizard.

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David said: “Kids dream of leading their own independent life, with a loyal companion by their side, but what if the companion happens to be a gigantic, moronic dragon? It’s been thrilling to bring Boy & Dragon’s surreal world to life. I’m excited to share it with others.”

David Hutchinson, producer WildBrainDavid Hutchinson, producer WildBrain
David Hutchinson, producer WildBrain

A spokesperson for WildBrain said: “The notebook setting that the characters exist within, helps propel the plot with exciting and often surprising artistic license. Characters can tear the paper, flick through pages and interact with margins, while the ‘all-mighty’ pencil can intervene at any moment by drawing new props into scenes. These playful dynamics bring a spontaneous energy to the narrative that will engage kids by transcending the limits of traditional storytelling.”

Developed for younger audiences, Boy & Dragon is the first WildBrain Studios production to make use of traditional frame-by-frame animation.

The recently launched series has had thousands of views already.

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One in three kids worldwide with access to YouTube watch video on the WildBrain network, which has over 109 million subscribers.

*You can watch Boy & Dragon here.