Shields' lass Harley Brash had doubts over Chris after he pairs himself with India in dramatic Love Island challenge

Harley and Chris have been getting closer since they coupled up and on tonight’s episode they finally have their first date before hosting a dramatic challenge together.

Monday, 22nd July 2019, 5:50 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd July 2019, 7:01 pm
The couple head out on their first date together

The drama unfolds in Monday, July 22’s episode on ITV2. In the episode, that is officially one week away from the final where the winners will be crowned. The Islanders are relaxing in the garden and it is Chris who receives a text announcing that he is getting a date with former Mortimer Community College pupil Harley.

The text reads: “Chris and Harley. You are heading out on your first date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #dontbekneady #bakinglove.”

The bread puns lead to Chris and Harley heading out of the villa and arriving at a bakery where they find out they’ll be making their own bread.

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The couple enjoy bread-making before the drama unfolds

During the date, Chris says to Harley: “Before I came in here, I said I was looking for someone who I could be best friends with. And I think you’re that person.”

Harley appears to be pleased by Chris’ admission. She says: “I really like that.”

Chris is eager to know more about Harley. He asks: “What’s your most embarrassing moment?”

Referring to one of the recent challenges on the reality show, Harley jokes: “When you said I had a big forehead!”

Harley hosts the challenge with Chris

Chris then asks: “What is your biggest fear?” Harley admits that her biggest fear is spiders. Chris replies: “Mine too actually!”

Chris says: “What is your favourite condiment?”

Harley says: “Mayonnaise.” Also, a big fan of mayonnaise, Chris begins to think the newly coupled up pair have more in common than he initially thought.

Harley admits: “I didn’t expect to like anyone in here. You’ve definitely been a grower. I feel so comfortable around you. That’s what I really need.”

Harley later has a deeper chat with Chris about her feelings following the challenge

It appears that Harley and Chris are becoming closer as the finale looms but the pair face some drama in the episode’s challenge.

The couple hose a challenge which sees all of the Islanders being presented with news headlines about each other. The Islander’s names are blanked out and it’s up to them to determine who the headline is about.

The contestants then have to pick up a drink from ‘The Sidebar of Shame’ and throw it over the Islander that they think the headline is about. However, Harley and Chris don’t escape the challenge by hosting.


He chooses to throw a drink over himself, before heading over to India and swilling her. Harley is left more than unhappy that Chris assumed that it was about himself and India.

Speaking about Chris assuming the public believe him and India have a strong romantic connection, she says: “He could have picked anyone. For him to have done that, it’s ridiculous. I understand it’s a game but it was his decision and it was who he thought were meant to be together and he decided to choose someone he used to like.”

Harley later decides to tell Chris how she feels.