Sunderland Spartans Fighting Arts Academy celebrate success in national and international events

Sunderland Spartans Fighting Arts Academy are celebrating their members success in national and international events.
Sunderland SpartansSunderland Spartans
Sunderland Spartans

Eleven of Spartan’s fighters took part in the WKO World Championships at Barnsley Metrodome and won 14 gold, 12 silver and four bronze medals.

That adds to Zach Marshall, 14, from Castletown, who recently won the ultimate prize for any junior kickboxer, the WKO Cadet Heavyweight (66kg) World Kickboxing title.

And Tony Dodds, 35, from Pennywell captured his

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third British kickboxing title, winning the WKO British Welterweight Full Contact Kickboxing title.

Club coach Paul Grieves said: “I’m incredibly proud of our members.

“To take 11 fighters to the world championships and come back with return with 30 medals is incredible.

“They have been exceptional and the results are a testament to their hard work, dedication and faith in me as a coach.”

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For more infomation on the club contact Paul Grieves on 07971467989.