Sunderland at Wembley: Free cuppas and karaoke - police and fans have a blast together in Trafalgar Square on eve of cup final

Police and Sunderland fans have been partying together in London ahead of the Checkatrade Trophy final at Wembley.

By Ross Robertson
Saturday, 30 March, 2019, 21:18

Tens of thousands of fans descended on the capital today ahead of the big game - and they have been having a great time with the police in place to make sure everyone is safe. Both the Metropolitan Police Football Unit and the SAFC Policing Team from Northumbria Police have had warm words for fans, with tales of free cuppas and "karaoke".

The Northumbria Police SAFC policing team said a fan had bought them teas and coffees, and posted pictures of officers enjoying the atmosphere

Fans in Trafalgar Square

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They said: "We've been here all day with the #SAFC lads and lasses, working with @MPSFootballUnit. Everyone having a great time. Come on Sunderland! @SunderlandAFC #RedAndWhiteArmy #WontBeHomeForTea #FootyCops"

The Metropolitan Police Football unit posted a video of Sunderland fans singing, joking they were doing "karaoke".

Posting a shot of the crowds, they said: "Apparently they #WontBeHomeForTea . To be fair @SunderlandAFC told us they were coming!"