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Where Sunderland's owners rank alongside EVERY other League One club's - including Portsmouth, MK Dons & more

Picture the scene: You've finally scooped the Euro Millions jackpot, and you're scrolling frantically through the mental Rolodex of schemes to blow the cash. Among the tedious ideas like a buying a mansion or a sports car you know you’ll never get above 70mph, there lies the alluring prospect of splurging the entire sum taking over your beloved football club.

It's every fan's dream - well, second to actually pulling on the team shirt - and those fortunate enough to be at the helm of a side have a major responsibility on their shoulders to cherish and maintain the club. Here's a look at how the 2019 Ownership Survey has ranked the owners of every League One club's owners, with data sourced from fan feedback, ranked from best to worst.

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