'Well done Stewart Donald!': Sunderland fans react as club make key appointment

Sunderland fans have offered a mixed response to the return of Ged McNamee.

Saturday, 25th January 2020, 4:30 pm

The Black Cats’ former academy chief is set to return to the Academy of Light in a new role.

Here’s what they were saying on social media:

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Sunderland fans

@exmilitarynurse said: “Backward step see other posts about him”

@simonreed11 added: “Let’s hope this is the start of an improvement at the academy. Can’t help but feel we are failing these youngsters atm. Welcome back Ged!”

@davis0688 commented: “Not sure on this. Think the way the academy is being run would undo any good work he does anyway”

@ElliottSAFC posted: “Can only be a positive given his past record”

@sven_safc tweeted: “Not sure McNamee returning is good news. Many people very critical of his previous stint at the club.”

@barrie_waller added: “Hopefully he can arrest the slide ..... the set up is so impressive, we need to maximize the potential”

@jonphillips7777 said: “Great news”

@_guyincognito_ posted: “Only makes a difference if we stop offering out the kids to Prem clubs”

@WJC_95 commented: “cant be any worse. hes someone who knows the academy inside out”

@JasonAb29634218 tweeted: “This can only be a good move! Well done Stewart Donald”

@MaxHanaghan asked: “I dont know that much about it, but I thought Mcnamee was widely criticised amongst #safc support during his previous tenure?”