Tony Mowbray reacts to THAT 'amazing' Jewison Bennette moment and why it's so key for Sunderland

Tony Mowbray says Jewison Bennette will surprise Championship defenders after he rescued a point for Sunderland at Vicarage Road in front of the jubilant travelling supporters.

Bennette had looked a real threat against Reading in midweek but the impact he made alongside a number of his young team-mates was all the more impressive given that Sunderland had been heading for defeat against a strong Watford side before their introduction.

The 18-year-old now heads off for international duty. Mowbray said his late goal was 'an amazing story'.

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"Jewi doesn't speak a word of English, he just smiles at you as if he understands what you're saying to him, but he doesn't," Mowbray said afterwards.

Jewison Bennette celebrates his dramatic equaliser

"He's now heading to South Korea to play for Costa Rica and prepare for the World Cup - it's an amazing story for the kid.

"It's difficult for him to understand anything, we just put him in a position and let him run with the ball. I think early on his career here, he's going to surprise a few full backs because of how dynamic he is off the spot. He's very diminutive, he looks like a kid going on the pitch but he is electrically fast and it's exciting for us.

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"I'm putting these lads on the pitch because I know they can make a difference."

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Also now on international duty is Abdoullah Ba, who had an excellent debut as one of Mowbray's numerous late substitutions.

"He's very talented and flies off tonight to join the France U20s," Mowbray said.

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"It's just been difficult for us to get the work into them because we've not had any U21 games, which makes it hard to get their minutes and it makes it very hard for me to start them in a Championship game when they haven't played for four or five weeks.

"It was good for them to get minutes and the thing is it means that the lads in the dressing room will trust them, because they see the impact they make.

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"To get a result like that really helps the camaraderie, it's really good for us as a group that they've done that."