This was Alex Neil's verdict on Sunderland's draw with QPR and THAT incredible finale

Alex Neil was left to rue a frustrating end to a remarkable game at the Stadium of Light as QPR battled back to rescue a point through goalkeeper Seny Dieng.

QPR battled back to rescue a point through goalkeeper Seny Dieng.Sunderland took a two-goal lead in the first half through Ross Stewart and Ellis Simms, and three valuable points looked to be within reach with five minutes to play.Ilias Chair scored an excellent free kick to halve the deficit, before Dieng intervened with moments to play.

That was from the end of the drama, with Dieng then making a superb stop from Stewart before Elliot Embleton struck the bar.

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"We deserved to win the game," Neil said.

Seny Dieng celebrates his late goal

"We played very well in the first half, and in the second I think Tyler Roberts has one real chance, but we defended well.

"They changed the shape slightly, they moved Chair off the left, and Roberts then folded into our backline which left them with four against three.

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"We changed our shape to match and for 15, 20 we took the sting out the game, had some control and got Patrick on the ball.

"We nearly got a bit of joy and you could see the game petering out from there.

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"The problem we've got is two transitions cost us two chances, and then they both end up in the back of the net.You've got to give the lad credit, the lad puts a free kick in the top corner.

"Then they got the corner, we lose the ball and they turn it down the side and get that chance.

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"They bring the goalkeeper up and the problem for us is then you don't have enough players to mark. It lands on the goalkeeper's head and the chances of that happening are highly unlikely.

"As far as I'm concerned, they got out of jail and you could see that from their celebrations. I might be pleased in the morning [with the performance], but I can't be just now."

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Neil admits his side are stronger offensively at the moment but was reluctant to be too critical given the manner of QPR's comeback.

"I think the difficulty we've got is, you've got two facets to your game, what you do when you have the ball and what you do without," Neil said.

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"What I try to do at the moment is to set our team up to have the ball because I think that's our best trait.But at any level and especially this level, you won't always have the ball.

"A lot of our players are really good on the ball, but without it, that's not a key strength.You need to defend that spell better as a group.

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"What I will say is for the most part, we defended well. So maybe it's a knee-jerk reaction from me, we've conceded from a free kick and a second-phase corner. I'm just frustrated right now, as you can imagine.

"We almost won it as well, which makes it more frustrating.

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"It's a great save from the goalkeeper, Elliot gets a great purchase on the ball from the follow up, it hits a foot and then the underside of the bar. When your luck is not in, it's really not in."