Sunderland’s stunning away following compared to Norwich City, Sheffield United, Burnley & Co - fan photo gallery

Sunderland’s away following ranks among the very best in the Championship.

Game after game, thousands of Black Cats fans travel down the country to go watch their side play.

Over a season, Sunderland fans travel 198 miles on average to watch their team on the road - this figure is 35% more than the average fan of a Championship club.

Despite all this distance, Sunderland still routinely take big crowds to stadiums across the country and ensure Tony Mowbray’s side are roared on, no matter where they are playing.

But how does their away following compare to their league rivals and which Championship club has the biggest away following?

Here, using data provided by The72 on Twitter, we take a look at the latest Championship away table to see where Sunderland’s brilliant away support this season ranks alongside their rivals.

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