Sunderland's League One rival warns salary cap row has 'potential to get messy'

The row over the introduction of a salary cap in League One has the ‘potential to get messy’, according to Portsmouth chief executive Mark Catlin.

Monday, 10th August 2020, 7:30 am

A majority of clubs voted to bring in the new measures at a meeting on Friday but it sparked a furious reaction from the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

The plans to introduce a £2.5million spending limit will be implemented with immediate effect.

Sunderland were strongly against the plans, but the plans were passed after 16 clubs voted in favour. Seven clubs voted down the plans, while one club abstained.

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General view outside Fratton Park home of Portsmouth Football Club.

Portsmouth were also strongly against the proposals to bring in the flat salary cap.

Shortly after the vote, the PFA reiterated their belief that the new salary caps introduced in League One are ‘unlawful and unenforceable’ – and have confirmed they have served notice of arbitration on the EFL.

And now Portsmouth chief executive Catlin believes the row between the EFL and PFA has the potential to get messy, though he hopes that can be avoided.

He told the Portsmouth News: “It’s now up to the PFA to decide in their view whether they think it’s legal or not.

“They’re not part of the EFL and they’re not governed by the votes as such like we are as a football club being part of that organisation.

“It’s got potential to get messy.

“But as much as I’m advocating this not coming in because I feel it’s restrictive for the larger clubs and bad for football generally, there’s sane heads at the EFL and PFA - so hopefully it doesn’t go that far."

Catlin has also confirmed Pompey will not pursue legal action, adding: “There’s a democratic process. We’re a big believer in the EFL as an organisation.

“As a club, we’re not people who just takes people to court willy-nilly.

“We wouldn’t want to go against what was clearly what the majority of clubs in this league wanted.

“Whether we think it’s right or wrong, legal or illegal we are for the democratic process.”