Premier League chief has this warning for Sunderland and EFL rivals as MPs grill him over plans

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters says there can be no “blank cheque” to bail out the EFL.
Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League.Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League.
Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League.

The Premier League are in negotiations with the EFL over a financial package to ensure no clubs go out of business due to the coronavirus pandemic, though an agreement has not been reached.

“The Premier League has engaged and wants to seek resolution but there can’t be a blank cheque or an underwriting of losses,” Masters said while giving evidence at a Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee meeting.

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“We believe our proposal is appropriate and goes to the heart of the problem and is in line with government policy on how it deals with other sectors.

“We believe we are stepping up and helping the pyramid of football, we have yet to reach an agreement with Rick (EFL chairman Rick Parry) but I am confident we can do that,” he added.