'Obsessed cry baby!': Sunderland fans poke fun at Joey Barton after this bizarre interview

Sunderland fans have been quick to poke fun at former Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton – after his bizarre interview in the aftermath of the 1-1 draw with Fleetwood Town.

Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 12:00 pm
Updated Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 12:00 pm

Max Power’s late strike saw Sunderland steal a point at the Stadium of Light, with Barton then making a series of bizarre jibes at the Black Cats in his post-match interview.

They included accusations that the club had purposely drenched the pitch, while he also mentioned Will Grigg and Martin Bain.

And fans had plenty to say on social media about his comments:

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Sunderland fans have been quick to poke fun at Joey Barton

@GerrySmith1986 said: “Silly little man”

@Benjahman93 joked: “I think the only thing Joey Barton hasn’t blamed for last nights result is his heavy clothing as he walked down the tunnel”

@TheWearside added: “Further proof that @SunderlandAFC live in the head of Joey Barton rent free...”

@_BarryDixon tweeted: “Joey Barton being Joey Barton in the post game press conference. An attention seeking, @SunderlandAFC obsessed cry baby.”

@AnthMongan3 posted: “Be blaming the tea lady next instead of taking any responsibility at all.”

@StevenToward added: “Joey Barton says and does whatever he can to make it all about him. Done it all his life. Craves attention and blames everyone and anything for his shortcomings.”

@DMcGovern34 said: “That bloke gets weirder and weirder every time we come up against them. SAFC live rent free in his head.”

@alfbibby commented: “The guy needs to grow up, because he once played for Newcastle he has this thing in his head about Sunderland, he wasn't even born in the north east, doesn't know anything about the North east”

@JetsSAFC1987 jested: “His tears are actually better than 3 points”

@iamraineyy posted: “The ‘ soaked pitch ‘ didn’t stop them the first five minutes tho did it. They actually wanted to play. Was only from their goal that their tactics changed.”

@AidenCurson1 tweeted: “So good to see him so salty because his game plan of time wasting backfired on him”

@LBarks72 said: “He says a lot of things , most of it complete rubbish that I don’t think he believes himself most of the time. Likes the sound of his own voice.”