17 famous Sunderland supporters ranked by their reported net worth - photo gallery

Sunderland have a wide range of famous faces to express their support for the Black Cats.

From sports stars, to musicians and authors - the Black Cats have a number of famous fans.

Over the years, we have seen many celebrities come out and publicly announce their support of the Wearside club - including a few very surprising names with seemingly little connection to the area.

Whether it’s because they grew up in the city or have family ties to the club, there are a multitude of reasons why these famous faces have chosen Sunderland as their team.

Here, we take a look at some famous faces that have claimed to be supporters of the club and have ranked them from lowest to highest in order of their reported net worth.

(Note: The figures for ‘net worth’ can vary across sources online and are given in both ‘$’ and ‘£’ depending on the source)