Newcastle United takeover: Amanda Staveley has made one thing clear as fans wait on arbitration

The message was clear. Amanda Staveley and her backers aren’t giving up.
Amanda Staveley.Amanda Staveley.
Amanda Staveley.

Staveley yesterday reiterated her call for transparency, echoing the view of Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley ahead of the arbitration hearing which will decide whether a proposed £300million sale of the club to a consortium led by the financier can be resurrected.

They both want the hearing to be held in public. The Premier League do not want that.

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“We know nothing about the arbitration,” said Staveley. “We can't be part of the arbitration, and we don't know what's going on. By having it in a public forum we have a chance to understand what's going on and how we deal with that.

"We should be very proud of the Premier League, but with an institution which is as important to Britain and the UK, transparency around the decision that regulators make is important.

"We will never be able to see what goes on behind the scenes unless journalists, and particularly the fans, are able to really examine the materials held in these forums.”

The other issue is the timing of the arbitration hearing. Richard Masters, the Premier League’s chief executive, promised a “timely” resolution to the dispute in January. Yet Newcastle are still waiting for a date for the hearing. One source close to the deal branded the delays as “ludicrous”.

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Time will tell whether the pressure United and Staveley are putting on the Premier League – and the Government – will bring things into the open and speed up an already protracted process.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.
Premier League chief executive Richard Masters.

Fans have also contacted Oliver Dowden, the culture secretary, and their local MPs to make their feelings clear on the situation.

Staveley and Ashley are on different sides of the deal, but they are on the same side in terms of transparency and timing.

"He's worked tirelessly to try and sell the club,” Staveley told Sky Sports News. "So he's done exactly what the fans urged him to do, but he can't get there (with the deal).”

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Staveley added: "I’m tenacious if nothing else. We believe this is very important for Newcastle and the fans, and we're not going to give up – we don't ever give up.”

What we have is a very determined buyer – and an equally determined seller. This isn’t over yet.