Fans memories of the 1973 journey to Wembley

We all remember what happened on the pitch in 1973 but what were your memories of getting to Wembley the last time Sunderland won there?

Friday, 29th March 2019, 10:00 am
Fans leaving for London at Sunderland Station in 1973.

We asked our readers and dozens replied. Here is what you had to say.

Gordon Pybus was 17 at the time and said: “Went down by train. Great atmosphere. Bus drivers popping horns as we made our way to Wembley. Singing in stadium was loud and proud. Ha way the lads.”

They were all set to board the train.

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Trevor Petterson was another 17-year-old in 1973 and recalled: “Went down on a coach from Hylton Castle Workingmen’s Club with my best mate George. Cards and brown ale all the way down from midnight. Stayed in the Ivanhoe hotel by Tottenham Court Road.”

Martin Smith told us: “I’ll be at Wembley next weekend, me fourth visit and I’ve never seen them win, hoping that may change this time!”

Barry Emmerson said: “Flew down from Teesside with my dad to Luton Airport and coach to Wembley and back. It was £14 return and was organised through travel company in Binns.

“First time I had ever flown. It was and is still the best day of my life apart from my children and grandchildrens’ births.”

On their way to Wembley in 1973.

Sandra Davies said: “That’s all I wanted for my birthday - a ticket to Wembley. Dad got two. We went by train - atmosphere electric, can remember shouting at the referee to blow his whistle then cheering like mad.”

Peter Cranston told us:”Remember going with my dad. I also managed to get my mam a ticket as well. Couldn’t talk for days after the match.”

Glynis Ayers remembered: “Went down on the train, had no ticket. When I got to London, I taped a note on the back of my coat saying ‘cup final ticket wanted’ and got one in the first underground station, one of the best days ever and a good night in Trafalgar Square.”

Thanks to all who took an interest in the post - all 20,000 of you.

Cup fever gripped Sunderland in 1973.