The Sunderland pie that's been around for 410 years - and it's on the menu!

It’s a pie with a secret Sunderland recipe and it has been around since 1709.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 18 June, 2019, 15:45
Anne Stamp and her son Jamie with a batch of the pies which have a centuries-old recipe.

And now, guests at a charity Sunderland event can try for themselves the Burlinson’s pie which has stayed in one family for generations.

It is part of the Sunderland Save Our Heritage Trust pie and pea supper on Friday, June 28, from 7pm.

All proceeds are going to the charitable trust for the reinstatement of the pipe organ at Sunderland Parish Church.

There’s plenty for people to enjoy including live entertainment hosted by Tony Martin, bingo, raffles, quiz, and a football card.

And diners will also get to try the mince and onion treat … but just don’t ask for the exact recipe because it’s a closely guarded secret which only family members can ever know.

Anne Stamp, 72, is the current holder of the ‘secret’ and she will be doing the baking of both the pies and the peas using the old recipe as a donation towards the funding.

Annie Brown (aka Burlinson) who was a pie-maker of outstanding talent.

And behind it all is a story of a family which has fed Wearside for generations.

Anne’s Ganny Ellen (aka Nellie) began baking pies in the 1920s. Her daughter Annie Burlinson took over.

Both were well-known bakers in the East End and Hendon. Their first shop was in Zion Street next to Prides Bakery in the old East End.

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Annie then moved to Tatham Street pie shop in Hendon.

Anne said another family member, Granda Burlinson, was from a huge family of bakers and, although long gone, their baking history goes back to 1709.

We tried to tempt Anne into revealing more. She would only say that the secret lies in the pastry.

To judge for yourself, get along, dig in and support a charity cause at the same time.

To enjoy the pie with a history as well as loads of other highlights, get along to the Railway Club, Holmeside.

Tickets cost £10 and all proceeds are going to the charitable trust for the reinstatement of the pipe organ at Sunderland Parish Church.

Tickets can be purchased at:

StudioB Clothing Accessories & Gifts - 17 Bridge House Bridge Street, SR1 1TE

Stanton's upholsterers 42 Stockton Rd, Sunderland, Tyne And Wear, SR1 3NR Directions

Tickets can also be bought from The Welcome Inn in the East End. Just ask for Geoff or Julie.

Alternatively, search Facebook for Sunderland Save Our Heritage Trust for more details.