A touch of retail therapy 1980s style: Do you recognise any of these old shops

Fancy some 1980s fruit and veg? What about a new suit? Or even a 1983 hair style.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 16:19 pm
The Imperial Buildings pictured 36 years ago

Houghton had it all in one street if these images were anything to go by.

We’re grabbing our shopping bags and heading for Newbottle Street 36 years ago where the range of retail attractions included Dees, Tylers, Sangsters, and Fell Potteries.

Plenty of shoppers are taking an interest in Newbottle Street.

Who remembers them and can tell us more?

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A Sunderland Echo story at the time listed some of the services you could find in that one bustling thoroughfare. They included a cafe/restaurant, funriture shop, sports outfitters, gardening store, shoe shop, engraving business and jeans shop.

There was Luxdon’s Laundry for all your cleaning needs including ‘blanket care’ and the ‘special shirt service’.

There was Decor at Mackeys where you could stock up on flock wallpaper, woodchip and tiles.

It looks busy in the area where Burtons and JD Fashions were among the retailers.

Dewhurst is pictured in one of the views and Carricks is easily visible in another.

There’s Ibbitson’s, JD Fashions, Burtons the tailors, and what looks like a large department store near Davidsons.

Can anyone recognise it and tell us what it is? We would love to have your memories.

Our 1983 article which looked at the local facilities said: “Such is the popularity of the area that at weekends, it is often packed and motorists have to use the welfare hall car park only a couple of minutes away.”

Plenty of shops for you to remember.

But what are your memories of the area and which shops were your favourites?

Get in touch and tell us more by emailing chris.cordner@jpimedia.co.uk.

Another view of Newbottle Street.