UK’s best garden sprinklers tested for large and small lawns, including oscillating, round and impulse systems

Keep your lawns healthy and verdant with one of these excellent sprinkler systems, from oscillating options, to low pressure systems, or set-ups for larger lawns

Best garden sprinklers: sprinkler systems to water your lawnsBest garden sprinklers: sprinkler systems to water your lawns
Best garden sprinklers: sprinkler systems to water your lawns

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A hose sprinkler is perfect for medium to large gardens and especially lawns which tend to dry out very quickly when the temperature rises. After all, trying to perform the same task with a watering can is often too time consuming not to say exhausting.

In this guide we’re looking at the best garden sprinklers for your style of lawn so whether it’s perfectly square, rectangular or circular there should be a model in this list to suit your needs.

What to look for when choosing a garden sprinkler

The first thing to note is that garden sprinklers consume large quantities of water. According to Southwest Water, ‘a garden sprinkler system will typically use around 15 litres per minute’.

If you consider that the average amount of water used per person per day is in the region of 124 litres, it will take a sprinkler just nine minutes to exceed that statistic. Hence, to avoid excessive use – often brought about by forgetfulness – it’s vital you invest in a cheap tap timer so your sprinkler doesn’t go on pumping out water for hours.

Another thing to consider is water pressure in your area. Usually in urban environments, and especially large cities, the water pressure may be lower than out in the suburbs or countryside so go for a model that doesn’t have too many jets. This is because the more jets a sprinkler has, the more likely it won’t provide the coverage you’re looking for.

Which sprinkler is best for a small, medium, or large lawn?

In general, small to medium-sized lawns are best suited to circular and oscillating sprinklers, though some oscillating models like the Speak & Jackson reviewed below, can buck the trend by providing huge coverage.

Conversely, if you have a really large garden and you’d rather not keep moving the sprinkler to a new position, your best bet would be a pulse or impact sprinkler like those used on farmland and large country gardens.

Best garden sprinklers at a glance:

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