Best electric shavers for men UK 2021: performance electric razors from Remington, Philips, Braun and Boots

Power up your shaving routine with these top-rated electric shavers

Best 7 electric shavers 2021Best 7 electric shavers 2021
Best 7 electric shavers 2021

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Whether you think shaving’s a chore or you enjoy sculpting your facial fuzz, the right electric shaver could make for a neater shave and better skin condition.  

These clever tools use motorised blades to cut facial hair, often without the need to add shaving foam or water. All the user needs to do is switch the shaver on, and move it carefully across their face and neck.  

What is a foil-type shaver, and what is a rotary?

Most modern electric shavers belong to one of two types: foil or rotary.  

Foil-type shavers have straight heads designed for shaving with a back-and-forth motion. Their oscillating blades are covered with a protective foil, which should prevent the user’s skin from getting caught by the blades.  

Meanwhile, rotary-type shavers use a trio of circular heads, each of which has its own spinning cutter(s) and protective surface.  

As a rule, foil shavers tend to provide a slightly closer shave, while rotary shavers are usually better at following the contours of the face. Picking between the two types is largely a matter of personal taste.  

Wireless or battery-powered? 

Most electric shavers these days are wireless, running off in-built batteries, which can be recharged by either plugging the shaver into a charging dock or connecting it directly to the mains.  

For this article, we tested a selection of electric shavers across a range of price points, and chose a selection of our seven favourites. We've including foil models, rotary models, and one unique wildcard option.  

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