Best bread makers - tried and tested, from Panasonic, Morphy Richards, and Lakeland

The best at home bread maker machinesThe best at home bread maker machines
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There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly-baked bread - and with a bread-maker you could make your own loaves as often as you like

A bread-making machine is super convenient; can give you freshly baked bread in just a few hours, with miminal effort.

If you no longer have the time, or strength in your hands, to knead bread by hand then a bread-making machine could be a must buy kitchen gadget for you.

All you have to do is add the bread mixture - which can be one you have made yourself or bought from the shop - and water, close the lid, choose the best settings for you and let the machine do the rest.

It does all the mixing and kneeding for you, and then cooks perfectly to your pre-selected settings.

All you have to do is wait for a few hours and you will have the perfect loaf of bread - ready to be sliced and enjoyed with your family (after it’s been given a few minutes to cool).

The irresistible aroma of a freshly-baked loaf will quickly make your new bread maker one of the most used pieces of kitchen equipment you own.

What other kitchen gadgets are available?

There are a range of kitchen gadgets you can buy to aid your meal preparation.

There are airfryers which are mini ovens, suitable for cooking, frying, baking and grilling, various different models of toasters for the perfect breakfast or snack every time and pizza ovens for a little taste of Italy at home.

For a little taste of luxury, there’s also the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser that makes the most decedant hot chocolate you have ever tasted.

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Making your own bread has never been so easy, thanks to this machine.

All you have to do is add ready-made bread mixture and water, or you can use your own recipes so you can have complete control over the ingredients.

There’s even a dispenser for nuts, raisins and seeds, so they don’t sink to the bottom of your mix and you get a delcious bread with the ingredients distributed evenly.

This breadmaker will do all the time-consuming kneading and fermentation for you, and it automatically adds the yeast to the pan when it’s needed, saving you time and hassle.

You can bake bread in three different loaf sizes and select how dark you like your crust.

If you prefer your bread freshly baked when you wake up, you can also set the timer which can start the bread-making process up to 13 hours later.


This machine is so much more than a breadmaker - it has 18 programs for bread, jam, yoghurt, dough, cake, and ice cream, and there’s also recipe ideas included.

In terms of bread, you could make whole-grain bread, white bread, french bread, sweet bread and fruit bread. There’s even programs for gluten-free bread and rice bread.

There’s a defrost program, a 15 hour delay timer and a 60 minute keep-warm function - all designed to give you the best oven-fresh bread.

In addtion, there’s a viewing window so you can check on the progress of your bread as it bakes.


With 19 pre-set menus, you can prepare everything from rye to French bread to sweet pastries and even fruit loaves with this budget-friendly breadmaker from discount supermarket Aldi .

It’s easy to use with it’s LCD display panel, and you have the option of making three different loaf sizes - so you can choose to make a snack loaf just as easily as a 1kg loaf for sharing with all the family.

There’s also a dough setting, allowing you to make your own pizza dough for dinner.

This is an online exclusive product that is not available in store.

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Panasonic is one of the most trusted brands there is - and so this bread maker is one of the best bread makers on the market.

You can bake all your favourite savoury, sweet and gluten-free breads with ease, thanks to this machine.

There are manual time setting modes which can be used for cake kneading, bread kneading and fermentation.

The machine boasts 21 automatic programmes to give you many options for making different types of breads without worrying about kneading, resting, rising and baking times.

It has a horizontal design; optimised to take up minimal space with a flush lid for reduced height so it will fit in the smallest of kitchens.


This modern machine has a sleek, but unusual, look which sets it apart from others on the market.

The touchscreen panel is on the front rather than the top so it’s really easy to access and use. It’s clear to use and read, so you can set the program of your choice in seconds - and see how long is left until your bread is ready.

It has a start/stop button, simple option buttons and 12 preset functions; basic bread, quick bread, sweet bread, whole wheat bread, gluten free bread, dough, knead, cake, jam, yoghurt, bake and custom.

With a double-paddled loaf pan and multiple loaf sizes to choose from, this easy-to-use bread maker does all the work so you can easily get your bake on whenever you fancy a fresh loaf.


The fastbake function allows you to have a freshly baked loaf in under 50 minutes, and is is available for both 1.5lb and 2lb loaves.

Besides being able to do all kinds of speciality breads, including wholewheat, you can also prepare doughs for bread rolls, pizza, cake and jam. In total, there are 12 programs to choose from.

The easy to read LCD display and cool touch body means that using and handling the breadmaker is easy too.

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