Top Gear is back for a new series - here’s everything you need to know

This will mark the 27th season of Top Gear (Photo: BBC)This will mark the 27th season of Top Gear (Photo: BBC)
This will mark the 27th season of Top Gear (Photo: BBC)

Top Gear will be returning to our screens for season 27 - but it might not look the way you think it will.

With new presenters picking up the gauntlet, this is everything you need to know about the new series debuting on Sunday 16 June.

Who are the new presenters?

The trio of presenters for the new season of Top Gear are:

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Paddy McGuinness: A comic who has appeared in a variety of comedy shows like The Comedy Lab and That Peter Kay Thing. Following a number of highly successful stand up tours, he’s now widely known for his presenting gig on ITV dating show Take Me Out.

Freddie Flintoff: Freddie will be known to many as a member of the England cricket team who claimed victory against Australia in the Ashes in 2005. After retiring from cricket, he has enjoyed a successful television career, including appearances like being a team captain on award winning sport show A League of Their Own.

Chris Harris: Chris isn’t actually a new presenter for Top Gear - he was part of the line up for the 2016 show. Chris is a racing driver, car journalist and has a strong online following with his YouTube channel Chris Harris On Cars boasting over 400 thousand subscribers.

Rory Reid from the previous series featuring Friends star Matt LeBlanc won’t be in main line-up for Top Gear, but instead will be found hosting Extra Gear, the online sister show which showcases behinds the scenes footage from the main show.

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Where and when can I watch it?

On Sunday 16 June, episode one of the new season will debut on BBC 2 at 8pm.

The show lasts an hour and will wrap up at 9pm.

What to expect?

Speaking to Digital Spy, Chris Harris explained how he thinks this season of Top Gear will compare to previous years.

He said, “It’s a little bit different - I think it’s more relaxed, and more approachable.”

Paddy McGuinness also felt that this season would have a different feel to it.

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“When you think back to Top Gear of old as well and people loved it and still will in my eyes, but when they did the trips, that’s what everyone talked about,” Paddy told Metro.

“Like literally, the cars were there but they were just going on an adventure and that’s what people forget when they get bogged down in the techy side of things.

“It is about sitting down with your family and friends on Sunday night and enjoying it and picking up a few lines and tips [about cars] but that’s about it really.”

Chris added, “It was immediately apparent that it was going to be quite light-hearted, if there’s some geekery that needs to be done I can cover that.”

Freddie also said, “Obviously, it’s about the car, it’s a car show, but you can see we’re having fun with it.”