10 great travel apps to make your holiday stress-free from start to finish

With the summer holiday season well and truly underway, Brits are giddily getting ready to jet off overseas.

Suitcases are packed and money exchanged - but is your smartphone ready for the trip abroad?

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It should be, because there's a host of apps that could help make your holiday stress-free from start to finish.

And best of all, most of them are free!

Here's our top ten apps to download ahead of your summer holiday:


Booking flights, hotels, transport and excursions can lead to a barrage of emails and booking confirmations.

That's where TripIt comes in - with the app gathering all your holiday information into one place.

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Custom itineraries can also be created, helping you keep yourself organised as '˜holiday mode' kicks-in.


Everyone expects sun on their summer holiday - but unfortunately that isn't always the case.

Make sure you're prepared for whatever the weather throws at you by checking your destination's forecast well in advance via this app.

That way, you won't be left with just your shorts when you walk off the plane into torrential downpour.

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We all know the stress of getting to, and then navigating, an airport.

But GateGuru helps to take that worry away, providing you with plenty of information about your airport of choice.

You can find details of your departure gate plus reviews of shops and restaurants within the terminal.

XE Currency

Currency can be a difficult thing to get to grips with, especially with exchange rates fluctuating so rapidly.

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So save the calculations and use this app to help convert your costs abroad into pounds.

It's hardly the most exciting app, but it's definitely an essential - especially when weighing up if you can afford that extra souvenir!


Navigating an unfamiliar city can be a daunting prospect, and understandably so.

But you can have all the directions and public transport information you need at your fingertips via CityMapper, making getting around far easier.

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Not all cities are available on the app just yet, but Google Maps will suffice if you're travelling to a location that isn't.

Google Translate

We've all tried to use hand gestures to try and bridge the language gap - often unsuccessfully.

Yet there's now no need, as you can quickly translate words and phrases into your destination's native tongue.

It's especially helpful when asking for directions or for trying to decipher some of the more exotic items on a menu!

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Guides by Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet have become the industry leaders in travel inspiration with their series of best-selling books.

And their mobile apps packs all the same handy information into your pocket.

There's plenty of inspirations for sights to see as well as some hidden gems that could really make your holiday.

Trip Advisor

A bad restaurant can ruin a holiday - but this app will help you avoid that.

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As well as scouting out your accommodation before you travel, the app is also a great source of restaurant and bar recommendations.

If you don't fancy asking the locals for advice, TripAdvisor will become your new best friend and could help you unearth some great locations.


There's nothing worse than trying to split a food bill, especially among large groups.

Splitwise takes that stress away as it quickly and fairly divides bills up.

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That leaves you to enjoy your food - and your holiday - without the argy-bargy of '˜who paid what'.


Everyone loves a good holiday snap!

And Livetrekker helps to organise all of your holiday photos in a unique way, placing all of your pictures on an interactive map so you can track your every movement during the holiday.

It's a fantastic way to remember your time away and means you won't be left scrolling through your gallery for pictures when you return.