Nissan warning on Brexit should set alarm bells ringing, says Sunderland MP

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Nissan's warning about the 'serious implications' of a botched Brexit should set alarm bells ringing, says a Sunderland MP.

Bridget Phillipson, the MP for Houghton and Sunderland South, is a leading supporter for the People's Vote, to let the public have their say on whatever deal is on the table before Britain leaves the EU.

MP Bridget Phillipson says Nissan's statement on Brexit should set alarm bells ringing across the North East.

MP Bridget Phillipson says Nissan's statement on Brexit should set alarm bells ringing across the North East.

Nissan warned today that a Brexit does not include a trade deal will have 'serious implications' for the carmaker's Sunderland factory.

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The Japanese firm employs about 8,000 people in the UK, and it said crashing out of the EU's single market and customs union into World Trading Organisation (WTO) rules would be detrimental to its operation.

Ms Phillipson said: "These latest warnings from Nissan will set alarm bells ringing across the North East.

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"If the botched Brexit that's being pushed by the Government leads to lost manufacturing jobs in my region or in other parts of the UK, it will not be forgiven or forgotten.

"The Government cannot continue to play politics with people's jobs and livelihoods.

"No one voted for a Brexit deal that decimates our highly-skilled automotive sector, or other manufacturing industries.

"Warnings like these from major employers like Nissan only strengthen the case for a People's Vote at the end of the Brexit process."

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott added: ""I'm not surprised that there are announcements. With Nissan, what is needed is certainty about the future of the conditions that they will be operating in.

"To leave a deal to this late stage, or even any idea of what system will be in operation, is negligent on the Government's part.

"They are dealing with people's lives and jobs and they need to get their act together."

And Sharon Hodgson, the MP for Washington and Sunderland West, added: “The Labour Party has been consistent in affirming that any Brexit deal must protect jobs and the economy.

"That means negotiating a customs union and strong single market deal after we leave.

“We will not stand by whilst our constituents’ livelihoods are gambled with by this reckless Government.

“No matter how people voted in 2016, they did not vote to be worse off.

"Tory Conference this week has shown yet again that the Government is still negotiating with itself, despite there just being 10 days to go until the October European Council summit – by which time the outline of a deal needs to be agreed.

“This chaos has gone on for far too long, if the Government are incapable of securing a deal that delivers for everyone then they should stand aside.’’