Sunderland seafront is not a dogs’ toilet

Our correspondent isn't a fan of dogs on the seafront.
Our correspondent isn't a fan of dogs on the seafront.
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Some people are so touchy, funny how a guilty conscience has upset the owners of the dirty dogs that are turning our beautiful sea front into a ‘doggy toilet’.

Why can’t they accept the fact that, believe it or not, not everyone feels the same way about dogs as they do.

Why should we? The last thing we want to see whilst sitting having a latte is a flea-riddled dog doing its business right in front of you.

To the minority who pick up the mess, this token gesture doesn’t make it ok.

You should carry a bucket of water, disinfectant and a scrubbing brush - what do you do when they mess your carpet?

What makes you think it’s OK to allow them to pee everywhere?

The seating areas absolutely stink, and babies and toddlers will inevitably make contact where your pet has just soiled.

This is absolutely not on and needs to stop.

The truth hurts doesn’t it? Take some responsibility and clean up after you.

The council is doing everything it can to bring families back to the seafront and you are keeping them away.

Take your dirty dogs elsewhere.

David Wales