Letter of the week: Sunderland needs PALs - People Against Litter

Litter in the centre of Sunderland.
Litter in the centre of Sunderland.

It’s time for Sunderland City Councillors to take action on the terrible litter problem in Sunderland and surrounding areas.

Yes, it’s the public who litter the streets but what is being done to prevent it? Nothing.

It's a waste of money spending millions on landscape gardening when all we see is litter everywhere.

Let’s get tough on litter louts and issue fines. In Ireland its 1,000 Euro fine and it works. Let’s take on wardens and get some more prosecutions.

You are bound to get a parking ticket for staying over time but unlikely to get a fine for throwing a bag of rubbish into the streets, yet motorist litter louts are some of the main offenders.

Let’s have a massive anti-litter campaign. Notices, posters, more bins, more emptying and more engagement of the public in each part of the city. It would cost nothing for the council to set up and support volunteer residents’ groups.

They could be know as PAL teams (People Against Litter).

Volunteers might be fit pensioners joining in the activity to help them keep fit.

This would be a rewarding contribution, where people would make new friends and foster community spirit and litter picking supported by the city council.

Come on, councillors, let’s have some leadership.Pals are ready to make the city a place to be proud of.

Byron Kemp.

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