Your say on whether Sunderland should take away fast food outlets in Takeway Terrace

Readers are divided over the question of taking away the fast food outlets occupying a city street dubbed Takeaway Terrace.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 09 July, 2018, 13:57
Takeaways in St Luke's Terrace, Sunderland.

Dozens of you responded to our online Sunderland Echo Letter of the week, first published in the Echo last week, in which writer K Parker lamented the number of such premises in St Luke's Terrace, Pallion, Sunderland.

While many Facebook responses felt there are too many takeaways in the street - dubbed Takeaway Terrace in the letter - others questioned what other businesses would take over the shops instead.

Leanne Brettle wrote: "As someone who has lived in Pallion all my life, I can tell you that we've signed a few petitions over the years opposing more takeaways. To no avail.

Susan Barraclough added: "Same happening on Sea Road. More and more popping up."

Leanne Brettle said "I can think of 13 off the top of my head and its not even a big road. We need stuff back like New View that used to help people with their CVs, etc."

Ian Taggart pointed out. "Agree there's far too many take away shops about but as so many use them it's hardly a surprise."

Sarah Jane O'Neill added: "Yes there is too many, but what would replace them?"

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Ted Johnson argued: Better than empty shops

Janine Jennie Crawford agreed, writing: "I don't agree with all the fastfood takeaway shops but, like others have said, it's better than empty premises.

"As for the litter people create, this is not just over flowing wheelie bins out the backs of the shops, it's the general public that use these places that need to learn to take their rubbish home or use a litter bin."

Paul Spriggs added: "People buy everything online these days. It's hard for shops to stay in business. Everything is cheaper on the internet. We all have to eat though, hence all the food shops."

Neil Heskett said: "No shops will open here. Half a mile down the road is a retail park.

"This place died when the retail park opened. The shops back then lost loads of trade as people just drove past. Take these shops away and then they will moan it's a ghost town."