Your memories of a cracking night out at Pzazz

Memories '“ sometimes hazy ones '“ came flooding back when we asked people to cast their minds back to the days of Pzazz.

Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 10:12 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th March 2018, 10:15 am
Pzazz in 1994. The photograph which attracted so much interest on social media.
Pzazz in 1994. The photograph which attracted so much interest on social media.

We posted an old 1994 photograph of the popular Sunderland nightclub on social media and asked what you remembered of it.

We were staggered to reach almost 67,000 people, get more than 1,100 likes and attract some fantastic answers.

Another 1994 view of the venue.

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Kev Miller hasn’t forgotten the Thursday nights which he described as “the greatest! Brilliant music, craic and met some life long friends there”.

Emma Evans-Scott remembered it was “£10 in and all drinks free. Them were the days”.

Gordon Harland asked: “Who knew what was behind those dark double doors!!!!!!”

Michael McDonough told us: “Thursday night’s were topper with my pals from mcds bouncing around to Nirvana ... ‘put your hands up put your hands up’ ... Pulp ... the works good times.”

Pzazz in Sunderland.

Kevin Donaldson commented: “Cracking place, remember the burger bar left hand side of the club, and there was a pool table in near the entrance, off to the left for a small period of time.”

Ann Coles told us: “Ah the memories ... OE from NewZealand going to Bentleys most mights. Helps having a Kiwi accent (new Zealand) to get served at bar quicker.”

Songs such as Oops up side your head “always got people on the dance floor”, said Ann.

A group of friends chipped in with comments.

Another 1994 view of the venue.

Rachel Craggs said: “The best days of our lives! Steaming on £10.”

And Jayne Fisher replied: “And that’s with a pizza and a taxi home. Ah the good old days. Xxx.”

Lindsey Kimberley said it was great “when you got your birthday tickets to share amongst your pals”.

Bob Jackson said: “We used to have a pint in Sly McFlys waiting for Pzazz opening on a Thursday night. It used to be heaving and would have to walk through the crowds sideways.”

Pzazz in Sunderland.

Billy Bob Winkler recalled: “Worked on door there when it was Bentley’s and Pzazz met some great people.”

Carol Hanratty Wood called it the “best place ever, good drink, everyone mad dancing, especially to the Muppets theme they played at the end of the night.”

Susan Goodwin commented: “Friday night £10 in free drinks all night,” while Steven Stewart said it was a time when he had “No cares in the world.”

Michael Turnbull recalled: “Ahh the memory’s of stinking of smoke and a dirty burger at 1 in the morning. Thursdays were awesome!”

Angela Curry went clubbing at Pzazz until around 1996 “on a Saturday night most weekends”.

Paul David Barron said he “worked there from 99 until it closed in 2004, had some right laughs”.

And Bill Middlemas remembered “80’s Wednesdays. 80p a drink. All 80’s music. Top dollar!”

Lisa Colley said: “Many a Wednesday we had here back in the day ...”

Carol Hanratty Wood said she “would go back to them days in a flash xx”, while Susan Hollywood commented: “Yes it was good but Bentley’s was the best.”

Joanne Eden said she “loved Wednesday students night in here after being round the town xx”, while Lorraine Allan was another who said: “Yes remember Pzazz but Bentleys was much better loads of happy memories there.”

Rach Butler worked there from 1999 to 2004 and added: “But was out on Wednesdays and Thursdays for a few years before then ...”

Carolyn Townshend remembered: “Thursday nights student nights and the cafe thing to go and get chips.”

Thanks also to Julie Sykes Griffith who said: “Brilliant as Bentleys! Chilli burger and chips before we went home!”

And our thanks also go to Iain Robson who said: “The revolving dance floor was like stepping off a moving train after a good drink.”

Shaun Van Der Merwe said: “Back in the days Pzazz was the place to be,” while Julie Lamb commented: “Wish could go here again,” while pal Donna Turnbull replied: “Defo x.”

Sarah Jane Harrison said: “Free bottle of fizz on your birthday!”

Thanks to everyone who responded – and that includes another 300 of you who left comments.

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