Your Brogans memories by the bucketload!

It was class. It was the heart of the town. It was Brogans and thousands of you loved our look back at it on social media.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 11:00 am
A view of Brogans which reached more than 51,000 people on social media.

It didn’t matter whether you went for the dancing or for the excellent dinners on a Sunday. It didn’t matter if you went for the hot beef sarnies with chips – or getting kicked out to the tune of ELO at 11pm.

The main thing was, you loved this city centre venue and loads of you shared memories of it.

Brogans which brought back so many memories for Echo followers.

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We posted a photo of it on social media and hoped some of you would respond. You did, all 51,000 of you!

We loved them including:

l Kyle Gibson who said it was “class. Used to go for a pint after work on a Friday and dance the soles off me flossys on a saturday.”

l Helen Bell “Loved this place” and shared her recollections with her friends, adding: “Saturday nights coming out of Brogans and dancing through the bridges x.”

Another view of the venue.

l Clair Maidens recalled: “Lots of good memories in here. Simon Grundy always playing our requests.”

l John Little commented: “Class best pub in town at the time I had some great night’s in there.”

l Thanks to Patricia McGrory who said: “Loved Brogans,it’s where I met my husband xx.”

l Steven Bewick said: “Lasagne n home made chips food was lush... loved the place shoud be still open bring it all back.”

l And to Sarah Nevin who remembered: “people watching frm the window!”

The Brogans food got lots of mentions. Chicken curry and chips hit the spot for John Young and Kris Marley.

But a big rival in the popularity stakes was hot beef sandwiches with chips. Jay Bouquet said they were “absolutely the best” and they got a thumbs-up from Sophie Alexandra Wiseman as well.

Hannah Scott said: “The chips and garlic sauce from here was unrealllll ” while Nathan Shezza said: “Was the best place in town, great food and atmosphere whatever time you went.”

Kimberley Nichol “could kill for a dime bar cheesecake right now xx” and Christine Rahman said: “They did a lovely Sunday dinner.”

Kayleigh Jade Young and friends “loved the curry from here xxx.”

Apart from the food, there was lots to love at Brogan’s.

“Every Friday night for a boogie and a vodka,” said Laura Wardle.

Shannon Heighton tagged her pals and remembered: “Throwing shapes on that dance floor.”

Jill Campbell recalled: “Last orders with Simon Grundy as DJ” and others among you remembered working there.

Michael Hall said: “Loved the place and was lucky enough to manage both Brogans and Privilege.”

Sam Fleming “Worked there for 3 years as a glass collector and then went on the bar. My first proper job. Loved every minute of it x.”

Shelly Clish commented: “Omg Sam, I worked there for 2 years behind the bar loved it.”

And Jay Wilson chipped in: “loved working here...a job ya actually liked going to as it was always a laugh especialy working on a Friday night with Keiron Shaw and the rest of the crew hahaha good times.”

Keiron Shaw later replied that Brogans had “a good collection of epicness there too.”

Who can explain more about the Cinderella pass? Tell us more.

Jordan MacNab said: “Working there was amazing... Some seriously amazing life experiences. Shame its gone.”

Kimberley Walker commented: “Couldn’t do a night out and not go in here.”

Laura MacDonald said: “ELO was always the kick out at 11pm song.”

And Claire Williams replied: “omg when the lights came on I still think of brogans every time I hear it lol x.”

More than 640 of you liked the social media post including Kimbo Ellis, Laura Kate Gordine, Amanda Halley, Ryan Lee Seafield, Steven Bewick, Janet Gooch and Linda Winter.

So did James Defty, Bev Goldsmith, Nicola Swansbury, Andy Ball, Joanne Gordon, Katie Hunter, Louise Amelia Bewick, Kirby Jenkins, Tracy Mcburnie, Grant Wake, Matty Beresford, Yusuf Ahmed and Gary Weldon.

We thank all of you and would love to hear from more people with their own memories of Wearside and County Durham nostalgia.

Get in touch with any item of nostalgia you like.