Young do not understand

Watching the various demonstrations by young people against us leaving the EU, I, seriously, wonder how many of them have got the slightest idea about what they are saying?

Friday, 8th July 2016, 7:51 am
Updated Friday, 8th July 2016, 8:52 am

I am prepared to suggest that the vast majority simply do not understand the issues involved.

My guess is that those under 18s who want us to stay in the EU are frightened witless by the idea of independence, having been mislead by teachers and lecturers as to the consequences of obtaining it.

What I’ll wager they were not told about are the vast benefits to be had once we settle down to the idea of independence in a few weeks time.

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Perhaps, rather than shouting and waving placards, a few of these people could write to the newspaper to explain their fears and reasons why they are against getting a democratic country again. They might actually be listened to more sympathetically and obtain a better understand why the majority of us did not agree with them.

They cannot change the result however much they protest and have been taught a vital lesson. They have learned that in a democracy the majority vote rules and you have to go along with it even if you disagree.

Yes, I do know what it’s like to see the future changed for a very long time and be able to do nothing about it. It happened to those of us in our teenage years in 1972, when we had our future robbed from us by Ted Heath with his decision to ‘take us in’ (in both senses of the term) about which no one outside Parliament got a say.

As to the upheavals of the last few days the blame can be fairly laid at the door of the Government, who has had more than 12 months to prepare for a possible ‘Leave’ vote but did nothing about it.

It could, and should, have been a fairly seamless transfer of powers but due, once again, to Tory bungling we have seen all the disruption of the past week or so.

Kay Rowham