World Book Day: Harry Potter, Roald Dahl's Matilda and Peter Rabbit - your cracking costumes in pictures

Children across the country have been sharing their favourite stories and paying tribute to their top characters for World Book Day.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 19:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 19:28 pm
You have been sharing your World Book Day pictures.

We have had witches and wizards, superheroes and some animal magic in a range of outstanding outfits from all of you. Thank you to everyone who sent a photograph to celebrate World Book Day - and we hope you have had a brilliant day at school! .

Little Miss Princess Evelyn, age 3 and Mr Messy, Francis age 5.
Katelyn Atkinson, age 4, as Matilda. Picture: Adele Atkinson.
Molly Hill as Matilda. Picture: Alison Burnell.

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Matthew as Willy Wonky. Picture: Alison Foster.
Dylan Stokoe as Gangster Granny. Picture: Amanda Stokoe.
Adler, age 3, as The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Picture: Amy McGuire.
Theo, age 3 months, in his Harry Potter costume. Picture: Anth Ellison.
Anthony dressed as Thor. Picture: Anthony Forster.
Picture: Ashleigh Hughes.
Berrie Macleod, age 3 as Where's Wally. Picture: Ashleigh Hunter.
Lily Stewart, age 8, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Billy Stewart.
Annalise, age 10, as Horrid Henry and Alyssia, age 3, as a princess. Picture: Carolyn Mckenzie.
Olly Reed, age 4, as Clark Kent. Picture: Chel Reed.
Alexis Lee, age 5, as Elsa. Picture: Chloe Samantha Lee.
Miley Middlemiss, age 7, as Hermione Grainger. Picture: Christina Jurdison.
Kian, age 3, as Elmer the Elephant. Picture: Claire Louise Burlinson.
Paige, aged 8, Chloe, aged 7 and Lewis, aged 3 as Thing 1, Thing 2 and the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Clare Danielle.
Neath Cleere Defty, aged 17 months, as Woody. Picture: Daniel Defty.
Courtney Collier, age 16, dressed as a clown. Picture: Danielle Collier.
Harper-Leigh, age 4 from Town End Farm Academy, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Danielle Mcmann.
Lochlan and Leyland, age 3, as Gruffalos. Picture: Demi Pickford.
Harry and Millie Robinson as the Flinstones. Picture: Dionne Evans.
Aaron-James, age 9, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Dionne Holborn.
Lilly Mooney, age 6, as Dorothy. Picture: Donna Ellenden.
Little Goldilocks. Picture: Emma Louise Wilson.
Emmie Bell Hopper, age 4, as Postman Pat.
T.Harish, age 7 as Harry Potter & T.Manish, age 3, as Catboy. Picture:Haeshi Thushi.
Alicia, age 6, as Alice in Wonderland. Picture: Hayley Stevenson.
Alfie Penman as Postman Pat. Picture: Helen Shenton.
Junior, age 4, as Mr Bump and Jayden, age 8, as Dennis the Menace. Picture: Jamie Robins.
Samuel, age 4. Picture: Janine Jennie Crawford.
Lily Carr as the Mad Hatter. Picture: Jemma Daniel.
Ruby and Joe. Picture: Jemma Daniel.
Ethan, age 1, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Katherine Rose Miller.
Grace, age 6, from The Day The Crayons Quit. Picture: Kay Tansey.
Lennon and Lillie as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dorothy. Picture: Jodie Hodgson.
Jaxson Smith, age 7, as The Greatest Showman. Picture: Kayleigh Ackroyd.
Evan, age 7 from Barnwell Academy, as Peter Rabbit. Picture: Kelley Brown.
Lily Trotter, age 6, as Ariel. Picture: Janine Emma Trotter.
Jessica Pattison, in orange, and her friend Sarah Lovstad as the seven dwarves. Picture: Keely Barber.
Jason and twins Jade and Mia. Picture: Emma Louise Bellerby.
Theo Fairs, age 22 months, as Dumbo. Picture: Kelly Fairs.
Daniel, age 5, from Acre Rigg Infant School. Picture: Kelly Seed.
Lexi McManus, age 9, as Harley Quinn. Picture: Kimberly Wales.
Jack Ryan, age 4, as the Hulk and Aston Ryan, age 5, as Power Ranger. Picture: Kirsty Isabella.
Mia Tilley and Jack Simpson, both age 6, as Cinderella & Prince Charming. Picture: Kirsty Simpson.
Taylor, age 9, as Billionaire Boy. Picture: Kirsty Smith.
Leo, age 4. Picture: Kirsty Steele.
Olivia Mackel, age 4, as Goldilocks. Picture: Kylie Emma Bater.
Missy Kennedy, age 11. Picture: Kirsty Steele.
Connor, age 6, as a crayon from The Day The Crayons Quit. Picture: Leanne O'Neill.
Darcy Leigh, age 5 from Easington Lane Primary School, as Mary Poppins. Picture: Leanne Bond.
Ava, age 11, as Gangster Granny and Lilia, age 6, as the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Lisa Brown Crone.
Frankie Scott as Mr Bean. Picture: Lynsey Mcdermont.
Lucia, age 5, as the Queen of Hearts. Picture: Mel Lindsay.
Layton Saunders. Picture: Lynsey Mcdermont.
Ryan, age 7 and Ruby, age 8. Picture: Michelle Beadnell.
Frankie Lennox, age 6, as Willy Wonka. Picture: Kelsea Lewis.
Layla Robson, age 10, dressed as gold. Picture: Michelle Robson.
Sonny Middletown, age 7, as Ratburger. Picture: Nichol Graham.
Imogen, age 4, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Nicola Leonard.
Jacob, age 9, as Albus Dumbledore. Picture: Nikki Cunningham.
George, age 4, as Postman Pat. Picture: Nikki Maple.
Alice in Wonderland and Robin Hood. Picture: Philippa Ruff.
Lincoln Taylor, age 5, as Batman. Picture: Rachael Taylor.
Harper Lily Beston-Hughes, age 3, as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Rachel Beston.
Beau Isabella, age 6.
Libby, age 4 months, as Elmer the Elephant. Picture: Rachel Elizabeth Marshall.
Reebie Beryce, age 5, as an Oompa Loompa. Picture: Rebecca Graham.
Lily Mae as Little Red Riding Hood. Picture: Rebekah Taylor.
Zac Bannan as Postman Pat. Picture: Rebekah Taylor.
Taylor and Jessie, ages 2 and 3, as Woody and Jessie. Picture: Roxy Grieves.
Rhian, ag 6, as Gangster Granny. Picture: Samantha Stephenson.
Beau Barnes, age 5. Picture: Sammy Barnes.
Amelia, age 6, and Jude, age 8 months, as Mary Poppins and Bert. Picture: Sara Walton.
Maisie, age 7, as Pippi Longstocking. Picture: Stacey Bainbridge.
Nolah-Drew, age 8 months, as Dory. Picture: Stephanie Spoors.
Lucy Coates, age 5, as The Trunchbull. Picture: Stephen Coates.
Finn Hargrave, age 8, as the BFG. Picture: Suzanne Hargrave.
Layton Highton as the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Picture: Suzanne Highton.
Picture: Terri Belcher.
Izzy Naugher, age 8, as Matilda. Picture: Terrie Lewis.
Lexi Naugher, age 11, as Veruca Salt. Picture: Terrie Lewis.
Picture: Theresa Scott.
Delilah. Picture: Tracey Huggins.
Samuel Hurst, age 3, as Willy Wonka. Picture: Vicky Hurst.
Jayden Reineck, age 6, as Harry Potter and Amelia-May Reineck, age 2, as Rapunzel. Picture: Victoria Cutter.
Picture: Victoria Cutter.
Charla-Belle Heidi Leak, age 3, as the Queen of Hearts. Picture: Victoria Swinhoe.
Delta, age 10, as Mary Poppins, Taiven, age 9, as Where's Wally, Detami, age 6, as the Little Mermaid, Lela, age 3, as the Cat in the Hat. Picture: Victoria Swinhoe.
Nathan Lauderdale, age 9, as Bugsy Malone. Picture: Sarah Graham.
Scarlet, age 9, as Where's Wally and Harley, age 3, as Peter Rabbit.