Why you shouldn't wear 'high' or 'wobbly' heels for your festive parties

Feet should not be forgotten in the festive season, especially when partying, an expert says.

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 7:18 am
Updated Friday, 22nd December 2017, 7:35 am
Consultant foot and ankle surgeon Kaser Nazir has warned festive partygoers against "high" or "wobbly" heels.

Consultant foot and ankle surgeon Kaser Nazir urged women to wear "sensible" heels and outlined sprain-avoiding steps for active holidaymakers.

He said: "Christmas revelry is great and a naturally happy time but it does result in a good many injuries and people hobbling around in pain over the New Year instead of enjoying the celebrations to the full.

"One of the most common series of problems is caused by high heels.

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"Some ladies need to take extra care to wear fashionable but sensible heels, not too high or wobbly to avoid neuromas, sesamoid problems and painful bunions."

A neuroma, also known as a "pinched nerve", is a benign growth of nerve tissue that causes a burning sensation, tingling or numbness.

Sesamoids are bones embedded in tendons.

Mr Nazir added that many travellers jetting off to the ski slopes over the New Year break would not be foot-fit.

"It's essential that good ankle and leg exercise is taken for a couple of weeks before a skiing trip and also warming up your leg muscles before taking the first run of the day is an absolute must," he said.

"Most people are well aware of the knee injuries skiing can cause but despite the design of modern ski boots, ankle injuries are also possible."

Maintaining correct posture was also essential for good foot and ankle health, Mr Nazier said.

He suggested this as a worthwhile New Year resolution: "I will look after my feet a little better in 2018."