Why we should get rid of Sunderland's Labour MPs

After the vote of confidence in Theresa May we need to brace ourselves to the fact we will never be free of the EU parliament.

Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 8:44 am
Updated Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 8:48 am

We will never have another vote on leaving in our lifetimes.

Why you may ask? Because at the last elections we did not elect UKIP MPs.

We put back in Westminster the same faces who never wanted to leave in the first place and have put every obstacle in the way of a clean break.

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When they vote to remain in the Customs Union as they will, there will be a caveat in place that there will be no repeat of a referendum enshrined in law that will bind this country to the EU forever.

We put back into Parliament Julie Elliot, Bridget Phillipson and Sharon Hodgson, who never had any intention in representing the will of their constituents over leaving the EU.

Once in Westminster they and hundreds like them came up with the hated word deal.

Never on the ballot box.

They campaigned with the rest of their friends who looked with contempt at the public vote to override it by giving the last word to Parliament, who never wanted us to vote leave in the first place.

We the public have had the water took out of us over Brexit.

Should it come to an election through a vote of no confidence in the Goverment, I urge the people of Sunderland to rip up their allegiance to a Labour Party that does nothing for them, does not respect or represent their wishes and get rid if these MPs.

Richy Mackem