Why I'm voting against Theresa May's Brexit deal: Sunderland MP Sharon Hodgson reveals results of her Brexit Survey

Wearside MP Sharon Hodgson has vowed to vote against Theresa May's Brexit Deal in the Meaningful Vote in Parliament after revealing the results of her own Brexit Survey.

Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 3:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th December 2018, 3:40 pm
Sharon Hodgson says she plans to vote against Theresa May's Brexit deal after releasing the results of her own Brexit survey

The Labour MP for Washington and Sunderland West ran a Brexit-related survey for constituents asking what were their key reasons for voting Leave or Remain in the 2016 EU Referendum.

More than 600 people took part in the survey, which was conducted online between August and November.

Now the MP - who says she will vote against the PM's deal in the historic Meaningful Vote in Parliament on December 11 - has released the results of her survey.

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These include:

* The top three ‘Very Important’ factors for people voting to Leave in 2016 were:

85.77% - The principle that ‘decisions about the UK should be taken in the UK’ (particularly in relation to Law making)

67.53% - Concerns that remaining would mean little or no choice about how the EU expanded its membership or powers

61.54% - The incentive of trade opportunities outside of the EU

* The top three ‘Very Important’ factors for people voting to Remain in 2016 were:

82.72% - Concern that leaving the EU would be a risk to the UK economy, jobs and prices

64.12% - Retention of tariff free access to EU Markets

62.70% - Preserving the security and police cooperation between the EU and the UK

* 58.11% answered ‘Yes’ to the following question: For any exit deal to be ratified, Parliament must first vote in favour of it. Do you believe that the electorate should also have to approve a deal before it can be ratified?

* If Parliament rejects any deal with the EU, 25.04% of people think Brexit should be cancelled, 6.58% think the Government should ask for Article 50 to be extended, 16.05% think there should be another two-choice referendum on whether to Remain or Leave without a deal, 14.13% think there should be another three-choice referendum on whether to Remain, Accept the Government’s Deal to Leave, or Leave without a deal, 35.47% believe the UK should leave the EU without a deal, and 2.73% don’t know.

* In a ‘People’s Vote’ scenario, 58.59% of people would choose to Remain in the EU, 6.26% would choose to Leave the EU on the terms agreed to by the Government, 31.78% would choose to Leave without a deal, and 3.37% would not vote.

* When asked about various options for the EU Customs Union post Brexit, 50.4% of people want to Remain in the Existing Customs Union, and 26% want to negotiate a New Customs Partnership.

* When asked about various options for the EU Single Market post-Brexit, 38.36% of people would prefer to Remain in the Single Market (including accepting all conditions associated), 19.10% would prefer to negotiate a new arrangement with the Single Market, 15.25% would prefer to apply for Membership of EFTA, 23.72% of people want to Leave the Single Market, and 4.01% don’t know.

* When asked about immigration post-Brexit, 41.73% of people would prefer to retain Freedom of Movement as it stands, and 33.39% of people would prefer a stricter visa system applying to people travelling from both inside and outside the EU.

Sharon Hodgson said: "The results of this Survey show that there continues to be a strong variety of opinion in my constituency when it comes to Brexit, and how the process has unfolded thus far.

"It is clear however, that very few people are happy with the way in which the Government has handled the negotiations, and that there is little appetite for a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit scenario which would be disastrous for our region.

"Of all those who took part in my survey, just under 60% believe that for any exit deal with the EU to be ratified, voters, as well as Parliament, should approve it.

"Many people are also supportive of remaining in the Customs Union, and either remaining in the Single Market or negotiating a new arrangement with it.

"After almost two years of negotiations, I believe that the Brexit deal the Prime Minister has agreed with the EU represents a complete failure of her approach, and the strong public feeling on this is reflected in the huge number of emails and letters I have received in recent days ahead of the Meaningful Vote.

"I do not believe that this deal is in the national interest, and therefore intend to vote against the Prime Minister's deal in Parliament on 11 December, and support an Opposition amendment calling on Parliament to use all options to ensure we do not crash out without a deal.

"If the Prime Minister’s deal is voted down next week, all options must be kept on the table."