Who will get your vote?

The countdown to the local election has begun.

Monday, 25th April 2016, 1:00 pm
Updated Monday, 25th April 2016, 2:03 pm
Sunderland Civic Centre

Here we profile the candidates in three of the 25 Sunderland City Council wards.

Meet the rest of the candidates vying for your vote, on May 5, over the coming days.

Tony Morrissey. Conservative. St Anne's 2016.

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Tony Morrissey – Conservative

I am pleased to have been chosen to stand again in St Anne’s ward.

More than ever we need a strong opposition to Labour in Sunderland.

Susan Watson. Labour. St Anne's 2016.

The recent shocking and shameful collapses of Children’s Services in Sunderland demonstrates the inability of Labour to run essential services and shows why we need strong scrutiny of their performance.

Labour bemoans the closure of Libraries across the city. Closures they themselves have carried out, despite spending tens of thousands of pounds on foreign travel. This must stop.

The Labour candidate in St Anne’s ward comments on “cuts to social housing”.

It was the Labour Council that off-loaded all social housing to a housing group then stood by as 2,900 good family homes were demolished.

Michal Chantkowski. Green Party. St Peter's 2016.

Vote Conservative to help bring sensible governance to Sunderland.

Susan Watson – Labour

It is with great pride and pleasure that I can announce that the local St Anne’s ward Labour Party has, again, selected me to contest the ward for the Labour and Cooperative Parties. 

Having lived here all my life, raising my family here and using the local services we all rely on so much, I have a real insight into the issues that are unique to this Ward.

Julia Jackson. Labour. St Peter's 2016.

David Cameron promised the North East would suffer badly under a Conservative government. We can see how he has kept his promise, with a massive attack on the public sector that so many depend on;

* Cuts to health services with even doctors out on strike

* Cuts to disability benefits with many wrongly refused

* Cuts to education 

* Cuts to police resulting in rising crime rates 

* Cuts to social housing

John Lennox. Liberal Democrat. St Peter's 2016.

Help us fight back. Vote Labour. Vote Susan Watson


Michal Chantkowski – Green

Since 2009, I have been serving the local community, working within the voluntary sector, enabling understanding between different ethnic communities and standing up for people’s rights, with regards to access to welfare or housing, or rights at work.

I will:

- Ensure St Peter’s fully benefits from its proximity to Sunderland University e.g. through enabling links for local businesses

- Work to ensure local space is fully utilised e.g. for growing and community activities

- Making sure the airshow has a positive impact on St Peter’s as well as Seaburn/ Fullwell

I am passionate about Sunderland and St Peter’s – an area with ancient history, yet modern – its heritage, its past, as well as its future are very diverse – from early medieval glassmakers, bringing their skills from what is now France, to Chinese students in the 2010s.

Being originally from a different country gives me a fresh perspective and helps to develop new ideas.

Julia Jackson – Labour

For the last four years I have enjoyed the privilege of serving the residents of St Peter’s ward.

During this time, I have been actively involved with resident’s meetings, voluntary groups and charities.

Residents who have contacted me have commented on the prompt and professional attention they have received from a councillor who lives in the area.

It is vital to use your vote for a candidate who has a sincere interest in the local environment and the well being of residents.

I have already proven my ability and commitment as a councillor, backed-up by my experience working as a nurse and a secondary school teacher. If re-elected on May 5, I shall continue to provide this high level of service.

John Lennox – Lib Dem

We can make Sunderland better.

I agree with the location of the new River Wear Crossing.

I welcome the plan to allow two-way traffic along North Bridge Street.

We should improve pedestrian access to Sunderland City centre.

1. The footpaths on Wearmouth Bridge should be cleared of obstructions.

2. The subway looks dark, dirty and dilapidated. The cycle path is on the wrong side.

3. The steps are too steep. They should be realigned and cleaned regularly.

Liberal Democrats can make Sunderland better. People in Sunderland deserve better.

As Liberal Democrat councillor for St Peter’s Ward I will be accessible, active and alert to the needs of people in the community.

Geoffrey Scott – Conservative

I have lived in St Peter’s all my life. I see the issues that are being ignored but need to be addressed.

We need more regeneration and private investment throughout Sunderland. 

Affordable housing is essential but it should not impede on our best natural asset the seafront where routine maintenance is being overlooked.

We need to put respect back into our society whilst rewarding hard work.

Family social values and child protection are essential in our community but the current Labour council has let theses slip.

Local St Peter’s issues will be my priority.


June Bradley – Green

I grew up in a North East where community spirit was strong.

We cared about where we lived and how our money was spent.

Sunderland has had it hard.

So many people are completely disillusioned with politics and politicians.

It is my belief that it is time for political change, to an ethically minded party, which will uphold the essential values of equality, compassion, and genuine social responsibility.

I joined the Green Party because I want to help make that change happen.

It is time for real change.

It is time to speak truth to power.

I am a person of integrity, a person with a strong belief in equality and a person with the drive and energy to make a difference.

Vote Green and give me the chance to make that difference.

Andrew Gray – Conservative

Hello there, my name is Andy and I’m hoping to become your councillor for Washington North.

I love Washington, and I want to work with you to make it an even better place to live and work in.

If you give people the tools and opportunity, then progress is often made.

That’s what the council should be doing for its residents; helping the area progress and not interfering unless necessary. You deserve a strong opposition on the council, and the Conservatives are the only party in Washington North that stand a real chance of beating Labour.

If you want someone who will stand up to an all-too complacent Labour-run city council, then vote Andrew Gray.

I’ll work hard to make sure that you can be proud of our town, our city and your councillor.

John Kelly – Labour

Dear Resident,

I have had the honour of being your local Labour councillor for the last eight years and would like your support again in this year’s 2016 local elections.

I am committed to continuing to provide investment within Washington North.

Last year saw a number of improvements across the area, with new street lighting and play provision, being delivered by your local Labour councillors.

Crime figures within Washington North have been reduced greatly due to the partnership with Northumbria Police and support from the Washington Area Committee.

It is my intention, should I be re-elected, to continue to tackle issues such as anti social behaviour and to support our local communities.

I am determined that, despite the tough times ahead, we will be able to continue to deliver the services that are vital to our area.

Geoffrey Scott. Conservative. St Peter's. 2016
June Bradley. Green. Washington North 2016.
Washington North Andrew Gray Conservative Sunderland City Council Election 2016
John Kelly. Labour. Washington North 2016.
Tony Morrissey. Conservative. St Anne's 2016.
Susan Watson. Labour. St Anne's 2016.
Michal Chantkowski. Green Party. St Peter's 2016.
Julia Jackson. Labour. St Peter's 2016.
John Lennox. Liberal Democrat. St Peter's 2016.
Geoffrey Scott. Conservative. St Peter's. 2016
June Bradley. Green. Washington North 2016.
Washington North Andrew Gray Conservative Sunderland City Council Election 2016
John Kelly. Labour. Washington North 2016.