'˜Where there is hope, there is a fight': Little Bradley Lowery faces toughest battle

A sick youngster is facing the fight of his life as cancer spreads through his tiny body.
Bradley Lowery.Bradley Lowery.
Bradley Lowery.

Five-year-old Bradley Lowery will start the strongest chemotherapy possbible next week in an attempt to save him.

The Blackhall Primary School pupil has had to have all his teeth removed in preparation for the treatment, to help prevent infection, and he will be hooked to a machine for six days.

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Bradley was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the start of 2013, but was declared free of the illness in 2014. Sadly the cancer returned and his parents, Gemma and Carl Lowery, have now been hit with the devastating news that chemotherapy has not been working and the aggressive cancer is spreading at a rapid rate.

Heartbroken mum, Gemma, 33, said the only chance now is to try the youngster on the strong chemotherapy that will make him extremely ill, but he deserves the chance.

She said: “The gloves are back on. Where there is hope, there is a fight.

“There could come a point when we have to say enough is enough, but we are not at that stage yet, Bradley still has plenty of fight in him. We just have to hope and prey he can prove the doctors wrong.”

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In the meantime the Blackhall family are facing raising £700,000 for new treatments in America which could help save the youngster or at least give him more time with his loved ones.

Money has been pouring in and well-wishers raised an extra £20,000 in 36 hours after news of the latest setback broke. Gemma believes they now have around £300,000.

She said: “The amount of support has been amazing, I have no words to say how grateful and overwhelmed we are. The messages really help to get us through the darkest times.”

Facebook group, Bradley Lowery’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma, has details on how to make a donation and on fund-raising events being held. People can also help by joining the #JustOnePound scheme and text Brad02 £1 to 70070.