Where does the Labour Party get its' ideas from?

I regret that I will be too long in the tooth to enjoy the halcyon days of a future Labour government and its proposed four-day week, giving us a three-day weekend, plus four extra bank holidays a year.

Having experienced life in the hospitality industry, I often encountered customers pronouncing that nobody works weekends these days, while giving little thought as to who was pandering to their needs during these periods of inertia.

If the euphoric working lifestyle suggested by Jeremy Corbyn were to be implemented, what would happen to our farmers, for instance? Even if they could find the extra staff would consumers be prepared to pay for the increase in food prices? What would happen to our care homes? They are already chronically understaffed and it is hardly feasible to tell the residents to cross their legs for three days until more staff come on duty.

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Who are the people who come up with such vacuous ideas? Maybe it’s the little fairies who live in our gardens.

Scott Andrews