What you had to say about swimming lesson price rises at Sunderland leisure centres

The cost of swimming lessons at Sunderland's leisure centres is set to rise by 10% next month - and Echo readers have been having their say.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 11:55 am
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 12:00 pm
The cost of swimming lessons at leisure centres including Sunderland Aquatic Centre is going up.
The cost of swimming lessons at leisure centres including Sunderland Aquatic Centre is going up.

Customers will face a 10% hike in price from Saturday - the first of the month. An online poll has revealed that 84% of you think the rise is too high. Almost 200 people took part in the vote.

People who pay for lessons at Sunderland Aquatic Centre, the Raich Carter Sports Centre, Silksworth Community Pool, Tennis & Wellness Centre, Washington Leisure Centre and Hetton Community Pool & Wellness Centre will all be affected by the change.

Letters or emails were sent to those who pay by Direct Debit - and this notification was the first many new about the rise, which is down to an "annual company price increase".

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Many of you got in touch on social media to share your views on the price increase.

While some called for better swimming facilities across the city, and smaller classes, others argued that the change doesn't "break the bank" and that the lessons are worth the money.

Here's how you reacted to the price rise on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Katrina De Cruz: "It's great for us. We have two children in the pre-school group and my son has ASD. They have been nothing but amazing for him. They've added an instructor into that class to help him as he had a fear of water. My kids love their lessons so much!"

Gemma Potts: "A £2 rise a month is nothing - it’s 50p a lesson! The Everyone Active teachers are amazing at every stage - both at Silksworth and Raich Carter - where I take my daughter now she’s in a higher group."

Bryony Jade Fucile: "Am I the only one who doesn't mind going from 20 a month to 22? It's not exactly breaking the bank and the teachers are fab!"

Pat Ross: "Why the fuss? Every sports club/leisure centre put up subscriptions all the time. I can't remember the last one I was a member of that didn't.

"10% is a lot, its true. But membership is a choice."

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Paula Lawson: "Wouldn't be so bad if you could see the extra money being used to pay for the maintenance of the facilities to keep them up to standard."

Leanne Michelle Crighton: "Don't like the price increases then teach your own kids to swim. Nice little bonding session. My dad taught me and I am very thankful he did."

Philip Brown Atkinson: "It’s still a good deal a lesson a week and the bairn swims for free whenever he wants."

Jade Gladstone: "Swim City is so good and very reasonably priced!"

Susan Clark: "I got an email advising of the increase, they need to look at the size of the classes to justify the price."