The MenTell Podcast was launched by If U Care Share Foundation co-founder Matthew Smith and local non-league football writer Mark Carruthers earlier this month as they released five special episodes during Mental Health Awareness Week. The likes of former Newcastle United left-back Olivier Bernard and local non-league referee Mark Ryan were amongst the guests as they covered a range of topics from coping with grief to the impact of physical fitness on mental health. The podcast has been well received by men around the country and Bolam Premier Sportswear have come on board to provide branded clothing free-of-charge for Smith and Carruthers to wear during their recordings. Business owners Kevin and Tricia Bolam said “We are really pleased to be supporting such an excellent podcast, which we know lots of people will be listening to. “It’s fantastic listening and learning about the different experiences that men have had of mental health, so as a local business we are proud to support it in this way.” Carruthers explained that having the support of a local business that has strong links within sports clubs across the country was key due to the nature of the podcast. “Sport has an ability to bring men together and to get them talking and that is something we have found during the first few episodes of the podcast. “In each episode it seems to have been brought up at some point, so it shows just how valuable a tool it can be when it comes to discussing mental health. “Bolam Premier Sportswear have a fine reputation in sports clubs around the country and they can help us spread the word that it’s ok for men to talk about the mental health and share their issues with each other. “We thank Kevin and Tricia for their support, and we look forward to working alongside them in the future.” For more information on the MenTell Podcast go to their Twitter account @MenTellPodcast or on Facebook at MenTell Podcast. You can listen to all of their latest podcasts via SoundCloud, iTunes, Acast and Spotify. More information on Bolam Premier Sportswear and the services and products that they provide for sports clubs and schools around the country can be found here https://bolampremiersportswear.co.uk/