Will the sun stick around in Sunderland on Tuesday, July 16?

Sunderland had another pleasant day recently and we could be in luck as the Met Office predicts sun and cloud again.

By faye.dixon
Tuesday, 16 July, 2019, 06:19
Enjoy the sun because showers could be on the way for the rest of the week

How will the day start?

Sunderland will see a fine day with sunshine and fair weather cloud. The city will be largely dry and it will be feeling warm with sunshine and light winds. Maximum temperature 23 °C.

There is bad news for hay fever sufferers as pollen levels will be high and remain that way throughout the rest of the day.

Will tonight be any different?

Any cloud from the day will fade and should leave a generally clear night with some patchy higher level cloud through the early hours of the following morning. Mist is possible around the coast. Minimum temperature 16 °C.

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What is predicted for tomorrow?

Wednesday, July 17 will begin with a fine outlook, still feeling warm in the sunshine. Showers could develop during the afternoon though with heavier and more frequent bursts during the evening and overnight. A maximum temperature of 23 °C is predicted again.

Will sun continue for the rest of the week?

While sun will appear on Thursday, July 18, showers are likely. The day will feel fresher. Into the weekend, the weather will become increasingly cloudy after a bright start on Friday, July 19, with rain predicted later in the day. Saturday, July 20 will also have sunny spells but there is a good chance of showers along with it.

Enjoy the week but you may need an umbrella.