Thunderstorm warning: North East braced for heavy rain as Met Office issues Yellow alert

The bank holiday weekend is over and so is the sunshine – with the Met Office predicting a more drastic change in the weather than first thought.

A Yellow warning for thunderstorms, covering the North East, North West and parts of the Midlands, has been issued by forecasters on Tuesday, August 27 – despite predicting sun for much of the day just hours before.

Rain is expected to drench the region throughout the afternoon, with the new warning in force from 12pm until the end of today.

Earlier forecasts showed sunshine until the early evening on Tuesday, with showers creeping in overnight into Wednesday, August 28.

The Met Office has issued a Yellow warning for thundestorms across the North East of England. Picture: Pixabay.

But the Yellow warning, which predicts heavy showers and thunderstorms across the area, dictates a change of plan.

It said: “Most places will stay dry, but heavy showers and thunderstorms may cause some flooding and disruption to travel.”

Temperatures in the region will stay mild, with highs between 18°C and 21°C.