Sunderland weather: When will Wearside see high temperatures again?

The clear skies and warmth we saw at the end of March are now a distant memory, but when will we see similar weather again?

Friday, 8th April 2022, 11:28 am

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The end of March saw a rare burst of warm weather across the North of England with Sunderland recording temperatures of up to 20 degrees.

Since then, the weather has returned to the regular combination of scattered showers and grey clouds with the occasional clear but chilly day, but how long do we need to wait until we can enjoy warm days out the house again?

The Met Office’s long term weather forecast predicts the wait may not be too long.

Sunderland weather: When will Wearside see high temperatures again?

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Following an Easter bank holiday weekend full of cloud and showers, mid to late April could see more mild temperatures according to the weather service. Despite this unsettled weather, predictions see temperatures remaining at average and above average levels for the next two weeks.

The long term forecast says: "from mid-April, more settled conditions are expected with longer spells of dry and fine weather.”

Despite the better weather, there is a chance for further inconsistent weather and average temperatures, which the Met Office believes will be cast aside as the month continues.

More regular spells of high pressure will work their way towards the north of the UK as April continues, with the Met Office suggesting: “spells of dry weather and below average precipitation becoming increasingly likely.”

Temperatures are expected to stay above average as we enter May.

Average temperatures throughout May reach 12 or 13 degrees before the summer months come into force with temperatures usually remaining cooler in coastal areas.

Towards the end of April will also see longer periods of sunlight, with daylight expected to remain until around 8:30pm as we enter May.

The Met Office claim their long range forecasts provide more vague information than their more detailed five day forecasts due to the famously unpredictable nature of the UK’s weather patterns.

Although the predictions may not be as detailed, the service says: “we can still forecast the general feel of the weather to a relatively high level of accuracy, albeit to more generalised areas of the country.