Sunderland weather forecast: Heavy rain and sunny intervals as UK faces thunderstorms

The summer holidays have well and truly begun – not that you’d know it from the recent weather.

By Debra Fox
Tuesday, 30 July, 2019, 06:48

Sunderland and the wider North East have been pelted with rain over the last couple of days and, according to the latest forecast from the Met Office, there’s more of it on the way.

Predictions for Sunderland’s weather on Tuesday, July 30, say the day will bring heavy rain throughout the morning, and later on tonight, with some sunny intervals inbetween.

Temperatures in the city will stay mild at around 17°C and 18°C – though that’s a big step down from the scorching weather of the last week.

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And while Sunderland will face more showers as they week goes on, it looks like we’re set to escape the worst so far.

Heavy rain is forecast for Sunderland today. Picture: Pixabay.