Sunderland weather forecast: A dry and sunny winter's day lies ahead

The overnight cloud will clear to make way for a dry and sunny Friday.

Thursday, 2nd January 2020, 8:54 pm
The North East can expect a sunny and dry day across Friday, January 3.

The Met Office predicts a good end to the week, but what more can we expect from January 3 across the North East?

Overnight, its experts said we would have strong southwesterly winds and outbreaks of rain and then further showers during the early hours, with the temperature to drop to around 0C.

What will the weather be like early on?

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It will remain overcast before and just after sunrise at around 8.30am, but the cloud cover will clear by 10am, when we’ll see the sun start to shine.

Temperature-wise it will be 3-4C.

How will the weather change as the day goes on?

The forecast suggests it will be sunny from 11am to 2pm, when it will start to cloud over, with the temperature to be around 5C.

At sunset, which is due around 3.50pm, there will be more cloud overhead.

What's the weather looking like for the weekend and into Monday?

It will generally breezy and cloudy over the weekend, with perhaps with a few showers in the west.

There will be strong winds on Monday with a spell of rain during the afternoon, heavy in places, with the temperature around 8C.

How about further ahead?

From Tuesday, January 7, the long-range forecast for the UK from the Met Office says it is likely to stay unsettled across the northwest with spells of locally heavy rain and strengthening winds interspersed with scattered showers, which could turn to snow over higher ground in the north.