Sunderland weather forecast: A dry start to the week but heavy rain is on the horizon

On, Monday October 14, Sunny spells will begin the week in Sunderland – But heavy rain is moving in from the South.
Sunderland weather forecast.Sunderland weather forecast.
Sunderland weather forecast.

Monday, October 14 we will see a dry start with light winds, and some hazy sunshine. However, some thick clouds will move in from the south in the afternoon, but there is a chance it will remain bright and sunny with temperatures reaching a maximum 13°C.

Tonight will see an increase of clouds and heavy rain is expected to move in from the south. The rain may become lighter and patchy later in the night with minimum temperatures at 9°C.

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Tuesday, October 15 will see some patchy rain but will brighten up and we sill see some sunny spells, particularly in the afternoon. The odd rain shower is possible and temperatures will reach 14°C.

The rest of the week is predicted to be clear with sunny spells.