Heavy rain to hit Sunderland

A yellow weather warning has been issued as heavy and prolonged rainfall is due to hit the region this week.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 6:36 am
Updated Monday, 10th June 2019, 8:45 pm
Severe weather is due to hit the region and a yellow warning is in place from midnight.

Sunderland residents have been warned of heavy rainfall which will cause a real risk of flooding and disruption to transport.

The yellow weather warning, which has been issued by the Met Office, is in place from midnight today until 12pm on Thursday.

It comes after heavy rain hit the North East on Friday and Saturday, causing some localised flooding and road closures.

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Although yesterday saw sunny spells and mild temperatures, it’s all due to change today.

Spray and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and there is a risk road closures will be imposed.

The Met Office has also warned of a chance of delays or cancellations to train and bus services where flooding occurs.

It is also possible that homes and businesses could be flooded and damage caused to buildings. Communities may also be cut off by flooded roads.

A Met Office spokesman said: “Further spells of rain, heavy at times, will continue to affect parts of eastern England during Tuesday.

“Whilst some places will miss the worst of the rain, a further 10-25mm may fall quite widely, with some areas potentially seeing up to 60mm.

“Much of this may fall in six to 12 hours, mainly during the first half of Tuesday.

“There is also a chance that thunder may develop later in the day in the south of the warning area once the morning's rain clears.”

An hour-by-hour forecast of when the rain is expected:


17:00 - Light rain - 11C

18:00 - Light rain - 11C

19:00 - Light rain - 11C

20:00 - Light rain - 11C

21:00 - Light rain - 11C

22:00 - Light rain - 11C

23:00 - Light rain - 11C


07:00 - Heavy rain - 11C

10:00 - Light rain - 12C

13:00 - Heavy rain - 12C

16:00 - Heavy rain - 11C

19:00 - Heavy rain - 11C

22:00 - Heavy rain - 11C


07:00 - Light rain - 11C

10:00 - Light rain - 12C

13:00 - Light shower - 13C

16:00 - Light shower - 13C

19:00 - Light shower - 13C

22:00 - Cloud - 12C